Friday, September 24, 2010

Linda returns home, thank goodness

She was only kept over night. She is like a different person today. It was concluded she had a reaction to drinking so fast when she was not used to it. She apologized to all those she may have offended. She says she does not remember some of what she said or did. The alcohol may have mixed with her meds which was why at one point she was convinced she had been drugged.
Doc was quite subdued. He said the last person I drank with left and on the way home fell in the bushes and broke his arm. I might get evicted for being a bad influence. I kidded him by saying, "and nobody would deserve it more!" I told him I would never bring anyone to his apartment again.
But I got to worrying that Linda might receive drastic treatment I did not think she needed. She and I both think she needs a counselor of some sort to talk to when things begin to seem overwhelming and to help her resolve her anger issues. Of course if something like this keeps happening she will be in line for eviction.
My ex-husband used to have extreme reactions to being under the influence. I would always be afraid he was going to get us evicted from our apartment when he went on a tear. I remember once he tore up a big venetian blind we had to pay for. He was as bad as the dog! Ha. I had a dog once that was left home alone too long and he tore up some expensive drapes over the glass door to the patio.
I had a wonderful talk with Paul this morning, getting ready for our video filming on Sunday. I hope to have a very productive meeting with him then. This man has been shot and scalped. To hear it is to believe he has been through hell, but he says he is still putting one foot in front of the other each day, determined to survive.
So I have had a very busy day. The swimming pool has gone green again and has been closed now since Tuesday. I am afraid we are not going to have very many more warm days that will make swimming possible once it has been restored to blue to their satisfaction. And it is still too warm to walk! I am already restless and don't know what to do with myself!
I just read my book for the day, so I need to rest my eyes. Guess I will have to meditate. And if I can't concentrate take a nap!

My sister Linda in the pool when it was a beautiful sparkling blue!

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~mel said...

It's good to hear that Linda is okay and is home. Sad to hear that the pool is down; as I know you like to use it. Take care and best of luck with your video with Paul. It's takes a lot of courage sometimes to just talk.


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