Friday, September 10, 2010

I told you they must be working Dan very hard at the Sheraton

This is Dan's profile photo on FB, taken when we were living on the west side. I finally found a message to me from him sent yesterday after he had just worked 15 hours. He said my turn would come!
I can see the Sheraton (photo below) from out of my window. Work comes first. Especially now days! I can wait on my computer and online phone since I can work on Doc's if necessary as I do his work, too. He can't type! Not well.

I had fun setting up another interview this morning down in the patio with an old time resident, Carol, who has always been a character
The header photo is of the sculpture in the park just a block away which is representatives of a cactus blossom according to the artist. At night the colors change as different lights go on from time to time.

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Paula said...

Like the picture of Dan. He looks so serious.


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