Thursday, September 2, 2010

I had so much fun yesterday over to the Silvercrest playing pool with the guys

I went over early to deliver the pool dvds to the guys who were in the videos, so that put them in a joking mood. I was feeling good, had a good night's sleep, and for some reason was playing pool very well despite the long layoff. I played with John, and then Jimmy came and we played a threesome, and then Nate came and we played partners, so when LeRoy came I took a break as I needed one, and he played for a while. When one left to lunch, I played again. Finally LeRoy and I were left and I was still playing well, so we played about 4 games and wonders of wonders the balls fell right for me and I was able to beat LeRoy one game. He never gives you the game, but he encourages you to beat him if you can, and you have to hit your shots. He could see I had a chance to beat him and he egged me on to do my best. When I did it, he said that should make you feel good going to lunch. I said oh yes, it made my day! You know you play better when you are playing with a great player. He inspires you to hit your best. He also told me what English to use a time or two. Believe me, I listen because I have never seen a guy who can play the next shot as well as he can. He looks to see what ball he can break out and makes his cue ball do two or three things, which is why hardly anyone can beat him.
I played with a master over on the west side once who used to give me lots of tips. I knew the only way I could beat him was run the table, and so one time I did! The one and only time I ever ran the table to beat a master. He was so proud of me. He told everybody.
A great pool player wants you to play well. Gives him better competition. LeRoy and I got a chance to talk about his treatment for prostate cancer. I was relieved to find out they told him he had a 98 percent chance of beating it, that is of not dying of it. He just had it checked last year, so he has been keeping track of it. This is just a recent development. He is waiting now for them to set up the appointments. LeRoy does not smoke or drink and he walks all over the earth. I told him oh I knew why he got cancer, it's his gambling! He loves to gamble on poker, and of course he will play anybody nine-ball for money, but not many want to play him and have their money taken away from them.
I love these great pool players who all seem to be getting old with no new ones coming along to replace them. I simply could not get any pool going over here to the Westward Ho among these younger guys. They are not dedicated to the game as the older guys were. Maybe don't want to play a woman 79, but if you are a good pool player you don't worry about age or sex, just about how well that person plays the game. I have had enough years of practice to get respect, so come on, guys! I paid my dues!! The guy Butch who was on the video yesterday told me he won a tournament over to the News Room, which was a pool bar a block from here. He has his own stick so maybe he will play with me here. I have a stick, but that vandal destroyed all our pool sticks or took them. Never heard of such a thing!
Pierre insisted we go practice every day but Sunday when he was alive. He taught me a lot about winning a game since I could not beat him most of the time, but if he was off his game the least little bit, I could. I played to beat him! It would make him so mad. He would say that I should not have been able to beat him at all. And I would not even call him a master, just a great player. But he liked my aggressive style for an old lady, so he set out to teach me all he knew. I love pool because it calls for strategy, anything to win.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sis, Remember those great tournments we had at STARHALL in Escalante when our sisters owned the place. I don't remember your name, but we even got Gene Griffin, (the best) over there. Ol Cook wasn't bad either.
I'll never forget that shot Gene had where he could make the ball turn a corner and have it go in another pocket. ...Linda
I love pool. I even taught my dog, Willie, to play pool. I have a viedo of his putting every ball in with his nose...but one and I said, "You missed one, Willie," and he swatted it with is paw and it went across the table and in.

salemslot9 said...

many years ago
my old boyfriend's grandmother
had her own
pool stick and case
she's gone, now
I liked her

Missie said...

I miss playing pool. We got rid of our pool table about a year ago since we hadn't played it in a while.

Have a good night. said...

I missed out on a lot of great pool playing, but I enjoyed the stories. Willie was exceptional!
You should do a book about Willie, complete with pictures. Think about all the great dog stories..he would be one.

Connie said...

Glad to see you getting in some practice.Bob used to be good at pool,I played but wasn't good,lol..


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