Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Linda, subject of my last video, hospitalized

It has been a tense day at the Westward Ho as Linda I noted had gotten increasingly more upset in recent weeks. The morning I did the video I suggested that she might want to wait another day to do it, but she said she had been looking forward to it and thought it might cheer her up. I think it did, but I also think that many things had begun to prey on her mind which she was not able to throw off. She might have needed to see a counselor all along because of depressing aspects of this tracheotomy. It is always upsetting when a resident has a meltdown. We had tried to let Linda vent as much as possible but that did not seem to be relieving her mind.
I had told her that I did not want to deal with the negatives in her life, but I thought she sang the national anthem with vigor and I hoped that just talking some about her 'trache' might relieve some of her frustration.
Her dog is being looked after. That dog Toby acts so intelligent. I was very impressed with his calmness after being left with someone else. I swear I think he had some idea that his mistress was hurting.
When I went to Doc's to unload the video from the camera so I could edit it Linda asked to come along and see it on Doc's big screen. Doc offered her a beer which she took and since it was so early in the morning, I was alarmed. It was soon plain to see that alcohol was not going to help her at all. So Doc is hiding out, not answering his door or phone. He is so used to me not drinking and always being in control I think he got quite complacent. I think he will think twice now about offering anyone a beer he does not know well as many of our residents have emotional problems and it is not a good idea. I also learned a lesson about taking anyone with me to Doc's. I will let Doc and other possible beer drinkers find each other without me being a go between.
Alcohol does not tempt me in the least. But sweets sure do!
Say a prayer for Linda. She really needs all our good thoughts. When someone has to be hospitalized here for whatever reason we all try to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


Amrita said...

I am so sorry to hear this about Linda. I only saw a part of her video as it was too slow and the lights went out when I was downloading it.

Hope she get the proper care and recovers soon. said...

It's always sad when someone has an emotional breakdown. I can see why Linda would. I hope she recovers and is fine again. Life is hard with a trac, I can tell.


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