Thursday, September 30, 2010

Democrats' inflexible support of legalized abortion may doom Obama's chances for a second term which is usually the president's for the taking

Let me first state that I became a democrat because I thought the democratic party had a better record on civil rights and treatment and understanding of the homosexual than the republicans. I voted democrat until the legalizing of abortion in 1973 when the democratic party became a big supporter and made what I consider a wrong turn for a party supposedly committed to the support of those in America being unfairly treated.
This apparently did not include the unborn who were conceded no right to live by the believers in 'a woman's right to choose.' I, as a firm pro life democrat, was not accorded any respect in the party. I began rather to be seen as out of step, a turncoat whose protests were not welcome at all for fear they might influence someone not to vote the democratic ticket, as I eventually did not, if a republican came up with a strong pro life platform. The democrat party even seemed perfectly willing to kill off God who has stood for the sacredness of life for centuries. Perhaps they did not think anyone who counted would miss him, given the contempt many have for the 'fanatic' who cannot embrace legalized abortion.
What happens to a party that becomes that inflexible about belief? I am sure there are a lot of pro choice republicans, too, but the republican party soon got the idea that the democrats' inflexibility on this issue could be turned to an advantage. This is how the unborn are getting a break. Obama has been shackled by the democratic party's determination to make legalized abortion one of its mantras. He had to support legalized abortion or he would not have been nominated. He absolutely could not be a pro life democrat, while the republican could be. Fatal mistake in strategy for the democratic party I believe. Arrogant enough to believe they could do away with belief in God to better support legalized abortion.
If Obama loses the second term it won't be because he is black or because he isn't a smart leader, it will be because the democratic party will not allow any deviation on support of abortion.
Makes you wonder why a political party would get that determined to perpetuate millions of abortion deaths which even may cost the democratic president his second term. They apparently thought that violence was so popular it would always win. But America can surprise you.
Maybe too many Americans, ill educated or not, respect the idea of a God who frowns on the killing of the unborn, and maybe too many of them feel guilty about the millions of the unborn who have died since 1973. Maybe these ignorant uneducated people will rise up in defense of a God who they believe has tried to teach them to respect life. Maybe they will decide he really means it when he says Thou Shalt Not Kill. Maybe he really means the unborn, too. It does take bloodshed to accomplish abortion.
I don't think the democrats or anybody else for that matter have been very nice since they have taken it upon themselves to defend and champion abortion. I don't recall having worse fights. But I am one of these stubborn Americans who will not give in to bullying.
I keep pointing out we are better off with a belief in a God that frowns on such killing. We would be better off with too many babies to take care of than all these deaths to get rid of them. The abortionist's hands have to be covered in blood, and that means that all who use the abortionist and support him have blood on their hands, too.
Abortion has become big business world wide since its legalization. We are in the business of killing for a profit, the innocent, those who cannot speak for themselves. Is that good for America? Is that good for any country?
But I believe that America is a country that can lead the world in putting a stop to this. I see the light dawning and many people realizing that if we are going to save the world from the evil of millions of deaths of the innocent, we Americans have to lead the way, we have to show we can stop it, starting in our own country.
Civil rights in this country was not advanced by killing. It was advanced by not killing, by non violent protesting. That is a far cry from legalized abortion. Not the same thing at all. Because we have proven the melting pot of many races can succeed in America, we have been an inspiration to the world. We elected a black man to office, but sadly the party saddled him with the burden of supporting abortion. He had no choice. The democratic party was inflexible on that score.
I do not believe that violence accomplishes anything, does not solve problems, only creates worse ones. With legalized abortion we are sending the young the message that it is all right to kill. Where will it all end? Violence begets violence. We have become an even more violent society, as could have been predicted if we cared to see what 'legalized' killing might lead to.
Now we have to turn around and fight to become non violent. But violence to fight the violence is not acceptable. We must turn this country around with non violent means, through the election process, through electing strong men to office who understand and believe in the power of non violence.
The democratic party has backed the wrong kind of belief, the violence of abortion death. They will eventually be defeated until they can see the error of their ways, until democrats within reject the leadership of those in the party who believe in violence. The democratic party has stood for non violence on many issues, but all political parties can be corrupted by factions within it.
Legalized abortion has become the democratic party's Achilles Heel. Obama is an example of a young man who have been taught for 37 years that abortion is acceptable and necessary.
He alone cannot fight these insidious beliefs. He could have been much stronger than he is. Martin Luther King never gave up his belief in God or in non violence. I believe he would have abhorred legalized abortion, but he was killed before he could fight that tragic development. Martin Luther King's belief in God caused his spirit to soar when he got the chance, to give a speech that was one of the great speeches given by a leader under threat of death, "I have a dream".
Obama cannot stir the people as Martin Luther King did and we wonder why. Look to the party's insistence on legalized abortion as a mantra. Nobody can support that and give speeches that inspire mankind for decades if not centuries. There is no glory in killing the innocent. Martin Luther King knew that, but the men who blew up a church and killed four little black girls attending the meeting did not.
Nobody gets inspiration from killing the innocent, no matter how they try to spin these acts of violence.
Obama could have been a great leader but he was not taught well how to do this by his party which had taken a wrong turn.
I still believe in the democratic party that fought for civil rights in this country, that fought good battles for many causes. But wrong ideas must be purged and flexible leadership restored for this party to have a healthy future in American politics.

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