Saturday, September 4, 2010

To market to market to buy some...corn on the cob!

I made my weekly trip to the Farmer's Market after corn on the cob, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I purchased a chicken yesterday to their store to make a chicken brown rice soup. I purchased the most delicious looking carrots to grate into it. I find organic carrots have the best taste. There is a difference!
I have got to wheel my little cart over to Circle K to get some water and I will be stocked up for a while. Pick up a newspaper. Have already drunk a little green tea in the patio. Touched base there. Yesterday had the most refreshing swim with a friend named Linda. Hope I can get her to come on camera as she is very lively and entertaining. Got to make the best use of the pool in these waning days of summer.
Just got word from my sister Ann that the other grandma of her grandkids who was only 58 and just diagnosed with lung cancer metastisized died suddenly! Her immune system was compromised and Janet could not throw off an infection. Ann's son Jason and her daughter and kids had just moved to Texas and now must trek back for the funeral services. Everyone is in shock, but if cancer has metastisized, I don't know but what fast is the way to go. This lady was the major of the town and was still working to their restaurant. She has been a hard working lady all her life, but unfortunately a smoker. Smoking does pose a real risk in later years.
Off I go on my errands. I am looking forward to some delicious farmer's food this weekend. One resident claimed it was the same stuff Safeway sells. Well, every big supermarket has an organic section now days, but I love buying veggies out in the open air of a Farmer's market.


LaRena said...

Rob ran over and got me Utah peaches at Sun Flower Market and they are divine. They get them every year but you have to watch carefully as they are gone in a flash. just the smell of them made me feel nostolgic for Fruita. To go there was always a big outing for us when we were kids. I love that place. Always so green against the red ledges. Mostly it has been turned into a park now, but some fruit trees are preserved.

Have Myelin? said...

That sounds like a good dish to eat... are you sure you don't deliver? LOL.

That's sad about the other grandma. Very young...

Amrita said...

Sorry to hear abour th e daeth in your family.

I also went to the veg market yesterday and bought- corn on th e cob, 2 kinds of gourd, pumpkin tomatoes etc.

The chicken soup sound s good. Brown rice is so expensive here, can 't afford it.


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