Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am teaching my kids to communicate by mental telepathy

Westward Ho as it looks today. My apartment is on the 9th floor. You can see it from this angle. One window faces south, and the two others face the east.

If you depend too heavily on mechanical connections you do not develop your telepathic powers. Now my phone is out my kids need to try sending me telepathic messages. I will get them! For example I went to that place in my mind last night where I communicate with spirits, alive and dead, and got that my son Dan was delayed in his intention to get over to my house last night to look at my computer. I could feel he was not coming. I left him a message on FB just in case he goes here, but I think something happened that made him decide on another day. Now if that is just okay with Doc! Ha. He has gotten all bent out of shape just because I have been without a phone for a few days. How will my kids communicate with me when I am gone if they don't learn to go to invisible lines? They are there. Try it. You can tell what is going to happen if you go to that place often enough, you can feel by the vibes. I think it was something like it was late when he got off work and he didn't want to be up in the night. I don't think it was any big deal.
I did not tell my kids I wanted them to use their telepathic powers because they would have resisted. So now I am telling them. I am thinking ahead.
I was very touched by the wonderful send-off her family and friends gave my sister Ann's friend in Utah, her daughter-in-law's mother, Janet, who died suddenly of an infection after being diagnosed with lung cancer metastisized just recently. She was not yet 50! She was a very active lively woman, but unfortunately a smoker. She will be missed for a long time, but as her kids have had to do with my sister LaRae who died of ovarian cancer when she was 51, her kids will have to use telepathic means to communicate with her where she has gone. It will be harder, but it will be necessary.
My son Raymond did leave a comment on my blog that things are looking up for him, that he got an $800 grant to take his show about his father to Seattle. He is playing music. So he is surviving as a performer which makes him very happy.
I thought I would have news about my son Dan to tell, but I know he is here. He had a lot to do in the few days since he arrived, including get settled somewhere, and get back to work in his hotel job in communications. I have been enjoying his photos on FB because he knows how to do creative things with photos. He learned a lot in film school!
They closed the pool two days because it was green, but thank goodness opened it today, so we must enjoy the water while the temperatures are still high. I plan to go in this afternoon!
I went to the library yesterday, and it was still so hot I could hardly get home, carrying a load of books. I rode the fast transit, but had to walk from the station home. I did get a book that fascinated me so much I could hardly stop reading it last night. It was called "The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes," and was about quite a severely autistic boy who developed seizures. It is very well written by a woman who teaches English on the college level. It turned out that she realizes her husband is borderline autistic as she deals with his son who is severely affected. He finally attacks the boy when he is older, and she has to separate from him. I know my first husband was quite seriously mentally ill which I realized shortly before I married him. I had been going with him 3 years so thought it would do terrible damage if I quit him before trying to do something with him as I thought I could help him.
So this book speaks volumes to me. I also went out in the patio and interacted with a resident who is absolutely hyper who I think is autistic. He almost got in a confrontation with another resident who is a non stop talker. His talking began to annoy the autistic resident, and he had to keep telling him to listen to him. He hardly ever talks and the other guy kept interrupting him. After he left, the very verbal resident said, he has a temper, doesn't he? We said yes. Mike rides his bike constantly. He is very buff, but he hardly ever is able to carry a conversation beyond a few sentences. This was the longest I had seen him try to talk in a while. He jumps in the pool and swims a minute or two and jumps out. All day long he is riding his bike. Well, he is in very good shape.
I can't wait to read the rest of his book. The parents of such severely disabled children go through so much. I am in awe of this woman's devotion. A young caregiver she had hired while she went to work forgot to give her son his seizure medicine. He had a bad seizure in the bathroom and virtually broke his neck hitting the toilet when he went down. So far he has had to have 3 surgeries, one very extensive, taking about 12 hours to deal with all the damage to the vertebrates that develop. She feels so guilty, but at the same time, a seizure is always dangerous because of the damage they can do in the fall.
I live in a place where there is much disability, but the residents treasure a place where they can live independently, and struggle very hard not to lose it. They make heroic efforts to hang on to a place they can call their own!


Have Myelin? said...

You are such a gifted storyteller. I forget I'm reading if that makese sense. It's like I'm there listening to someone share a story...

Connie said...

Ha-I use telepathy when I want my hubby to do something..the kids when they were little used to say--mom have dad stop for ice cream on the way home..or get pop and always worked and the kids laughed..I told him once and he said he heard me thinking,hee hee....

Anonymous said...

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