Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carol of the Westward Ho talks to Gerry in the park

Carol and I went down to the park this morning and found this beautiful bank of yellow flowers and I set up the camera. We thought a little bit more noise was worth breathing the fresh air in an outdoor setting. Down town Phoenix was bustling all around us as we talked. I show the Westward Ho in the distance as well as the cactus blossom sculpture in the park.


Anonymous said...

I thought you did a great job with this video. Having taken lessons in comedy when I lived in Phoenix, I can appreciate Carol's humor. She got some good laughs from me. I was scared to death when I went on stage, but I thought comedy was oe of the most brain stretching things I had ever tried. Cong...Carol and Gerry on this video. I hope you at least get the girl scouts...back at the Ho. Down at the YMCA I saw on the wall the old men who hiked through Grand Canyon. I was going to try and get with them...next time.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Gerry for interviewing Carol. She is funny. Perhaps she could come back once a month with her "Improv?" Just a thought Gerry.


Amrita said...

Say Hi To Carol for me. I enjoyed her comic reading, she is good.

I like this new thing you are doing interviewing your friends.


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