Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meeting Doc's step daughter, Christine, and her cousin Shirley

The top photo is Christine who Doc has not seen for around 20 years, and the bottom photo is Shirley, her cousin. Christine was out here from the St. Louis area working a booth for her employer to a convention held at the Mariott. She told us she will be working all day tomorrow and then she will be returning home.
So this was a surprise for Doc, but a meeting to his apartment went very well. Both of these young women are charming and personable, and I thought we had a good visit. Doc, of course, filmed them, as I photographed, and so tomorrow I will try to edit some of that video for his channel.
All of us being on Facebook helped facilitate this meeting. Christine is about the same age as my youngest son, Dan, and she is also a dancer like my daughter. She says she first danced the east coast swing and for the past two years she has been dancing the west coast swing. I will have to tell her if she comes out again perhaps she can visit my daughter's dance club. Ronda, my daughter, is getting accustomed to a new nurse's job plus doing training in Colorado, so she is missing her dancing!
I was hoping this meeting would take place as I think it gave Doc a lift. Christine did not disappoint!


kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Lovely girls. I'm glad Doc had a good visit and it went well. I'll be interested in the video.

Anonymous said...

That's great that Doc hooked up with his past. Maybe this will open even more doors and bring something new from something old.
Does Doc know how to dance? I mean have you ever dancing with him?
Ronda called me and advised me when I was sick without even knowing it. She was calling Rissy. She gave me some very good advise on how to get over feeling so rotten....She called me back and told me what to take along with the medicine. The doctor..whom the pharmist told me was wrong...on two drugs she precribed never called me back on her mistakes. ...Linda

Anonymous said...

I now I spelled pharmacist wrong, but it won't let me change it and I don't want to rewrite. Linda, your sister.

Anonymous said...

I know I spelled know wrong...as new but my fingers are numb and my brain too with too much medicine.

Anonymous said...

I know that message is not right either....well...you know. L.

Amrita said...

20 years...that' s long. Glad they came together.

I 'd like the see the video

Connie said...

I am tickled pink that it went so well. Yea-Doc..he needed some family in his life. Maybe he'll perk up and have more to live for.So glad you were there with your outgoing personality to help it go smooth.


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