Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paul Patrick felled by Phoenix serial killers and a stroke (1-2) is a determined survivor!

While attending the trial of the Phoenix Serial Killers as the 'face of a victim" Paul was felled by a major stroke. The top of his skull was removed to save his life and reattached 10 months later! Still in rehab for paralysis on his left side, Paul is determined to be a survivor and I think he needs the continued support of all of Phoenix to make sure he is not forgotten!

Paul's mother, Mary, has been his devoted caretaker since he was shot. He says she has the heart of a lion when it comes to her children, and I truly believe she does from what I have observed about her. Paul talks about the book written about the shooting and also his stroke called Sudden Shot by Camille Kimball who has become a devoted friend. The whole story of the shootings can be seen on ID in a case study called Wicked Attraction. Thanks to police work and informant citizens the killers were caught much sooner than most serial killers. I am going to do my part by keeping track of Paul and his mother Mary who also has ailments of her own. I am concerned about Paul being able to keep his spirits up through long painful weeks of rehab. I hoped he would wear red today as a symbol of his courage!


salemslot9 said...

even before Paul
mentioned the Beatles
I thought of Paul McCartney singing
'when I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
speaking words of wisdom
let it be'

his Mother is named Mary
she died when he was a young lad

good interview
tell Paul I said hi
bless his heart said...

I get white today. Maybe later I will be able to run the interview. That's what I did the last time...wait a day or so and there it was!

LaRena said...

Gerry I found this interview very touching. Keeping up with Paul and his mother is a great thing for you to do,as you are often able to raise people's spirits when they are struggling with the most difficult cards one could be dealt in life, I was impressed with Paul's courage and the strength he shows of being a survivor instead of a victim. He seems to have a remarkable lack of bitterness and is attempting to understand all that was behind his attacker's thinking. It is a mystery how someone could do such horrific things as a sport. And to think that Paul nearly missed this tragedy listening to his intuition. And actually thinking at that moment of Detman and Houser being out there in the night. I can only highly commend him and his mother for their great fortitude, and effort to understand. Kudos to you Gerry for filming this inspiring attitude of strength. Paul and his family will not be forgotten.

Herrad said...

Hi Gerry,
Please visit my blog and pick up your You Inspire Me Award.
Herrad said...

This interview was here this morning. I watched and felt tears at Paul's struggles to be a survivor. He is heroic and needs to tell his story to the world. I read A Sudden Shot, which was horrific in the numbers shot and killed...a game to the killers. Paul living can attest it was no game. And still it is not. I was amazed that the brother of the killers contacted him. Paul is nothng less than inspiring. Brilliant interview! Keep doing videos.

Edward Brazil said...

I saw Paul's story on a documentary last night and couldn't believe his attitude.
I can't believe how strong he is; he truly is an inspiration. I don't normally comment over the internet but had to say what a remarkable man I think he is.
He has given me hope and an example of true strength and positivity. Thank you Paul.

Edward Brazil said...

I saw Paul's story on a documentary last night and I couldn't believe his attitude.
He truly is an inspiration and a hero. I don't normally blog or comment over the internet but had to say what a remarkable man I think he is.
He has given me an example of strength and positivity which I never knew existed.
Thank you Paul.


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