Monday, September 27, 2010

I made my once a year potato salad and ate all I wanted, slept, and am back

I was so nervous about interviewing Paul and making sure I did not forget any questions I wanted to ask him that I did not sleep that night nor the night after just from excitement as I have a feeling this video is a turning point. I don't know why I sense this, but I just do. Believe me, it is nerve wracking to start putting other people into my videos. Usually only the pros do it, but after four years and many videos later I got the confidence to tackle the outside world a little more. Paul was an inspiration to interview, and his mother, Mary, was along to add more stability to the proceedings. She is such a calm person she could settle anyone down.
Then a meeting that I have been trying to help Doc to achieve this past week may finally come to pass tomorrow, I hope. This is with someone from his past. I will tell you more if it happens. Doc wants me to be present since I have been interacting with him for five years. He has not seen this young woman for 20 years that he once tried to raise like a daughter. He is naturally very nervous, so I have been summoned several times so he can discuss the events and check messages and FB since he is not adept on the computer. I have wanted him to connect to people in his past for years, but there didn't seem to be any out there who were thinking the same thing. FB has helped.
Oh, I made my favorite potato salad today with corn off the cob, green beans, and little red potatoes. The problema peppers roasted well today and I was able to peel them handily after I left them in a closed plastic bag to cool. The corn wasn't quite as good as in the past as I had let it set around for quite a few days, working up my energy to make the salad. Country cooks would have been horrified. I had to improvise a little with the dressing as I did not have red wine vinegar, but I used an expensive vinaigrette dressing I bought to Farmer's Market which worked, along with some expensive olive oil I bought there, too. It also calls for dijon mustard.
I decided not to worry about eating anything else, as this salad is so good I defy anyone not to eat too much of it. Maybe going to all that work, boiling all the vegetables separately, works up an appetite. Let me know if you need instruction to make it. If you are a great lover of food you will want to try it sometime.

Your salad will look something like this with a third of it gone. And I did not use 6 ears of corn as the recipe calls for, only 4.

I am getting the ingredients together to make one of my all time favorite dishes, chicken enchiladas, which I have not made since I became a vegan over 3 years ago. Got sick and had to stop being a vegan. People used to ask me to bring this dish to parties. My daughter gave me the recipe. I will be talking about that dish more when I make it.
Raymond talked to me all he could on his now fixed cell phone on his way out of town. We did catch up some but kept getting cut off everytime he went into a dip! He is going to Seattle in October to do his show, Bohemian Cowboy. He is also setting up other dates. I think he should take it to every town he can before he puts it aside.
Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day if all goes well.


Connie said...

got my fingers n toes crossed..oooh my legs too
((grin)) said...

May Doc have a satisfying visit with his long lost family. Let us know how it goes. Did you post the recipe for this salad? We both might like it if I can find fresh corn.

salemslot9 said...

potato salad
chicken enchiladas


two of my


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