Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The atheists versus the pro life activists

You might note that I have added the atheist channel to my blog list which my sister Linda posted on FB. I really enjoy the elegant reasoning of some of these intellectuals like Christopher Hitchens for example who wrote a best seller I read called, "God Is Not Great." As you might gather from that title he is a thoroughgoing atheist. I watched another video in which many brilliant physicists said one by one they did not believe in God.
In the middle of all this I watched a young woman, a pro life activist, Gianna Jesson, in another video listed on my Facebook profile, Gerry Hitt, sent to me by a good friend, telling her story about being saved at birth from a saline abortion procedure. Despite the scalding effects of this she was born alive, that is she began breathing, even though hurt. She credited President Bush for further saving her life by passing a law that said if a baby survived an abortion procedure it then could not be legally killed. In her speech she said before this law was passed that a baby surviving an abortion would be smothered or killed some other way.
Her cerebral palsy she said was the result of being deprived of oxygen too long, but she is a beautiful woman now going all over the world as a pro life activist telling her story, including Australia where this video was filmed. I would embed it here but I could not find it listed anywhere except on FB.
I felt that Christopher Hitchens and other intellectuals I watched do not believe in the Catholic Church's version of God nor in other church's either. I watched other videos that delineated their objections to church reasoning about God. I agreed with some of their objections, but somehow I forgot their elegant reasoning almost as soon as the video ended, but I could not forget as quickly this young woman's passionate speech.
Some Catholics are out now praying to abortion clinics to save babies about to be aborted, and have recruited members of other denominations to join them in what they call Forty Days For Life. Now that is a lot that their God is asking of them, to save these babies. I doubt if they could recruit one single one of these intellectuals to go do this.
I think that is actually the toughest test of faith there is, to be asked to go to an abortion clinic to pray and try to reach those determined to have an abortion. That is just asking for people to get mad. Must be very discouraging work at times.
But what could be more important than saving the life of a baby when it comes down to it?
Those who believe in choice would argue that it should be a woman's right to kill her fetus. The Catholic Church and other Christian churches says no, the child is a separate entity and deserves protection from birth and it is a sin to take the life of that child once life begins. I would say this is a very tough law. At times it would be harder to believe in the Catholic God than it would not to.
Churches sometimes ask their members to do very difficult tasks. And some faithful members go and do it! That moves me.
I don't think atheists have as tough a life as believers do. I am sure pro life activists aren't nearly as apt to make money as brilliant atheist intellectuals and physicists, because they are not popular in demand people. They are more apt to be poor, but I know their God says that worldly success is not as important as being right with him.
I try to think how I could not believe in God, but I have always liked to be challenged. God has got to be tough to please to my mind. He has got to be the toughest of all to please. He cannot care if you are poor because of doing his work. He can not care as long as the work gets done, because if you do not do the work eternity will be lost.
Eternity is a lot to lose. I am surprised at how easily these intellectuals and physicists give up on this idea. Christopher Hitchens claims to be at peace with the thought the he just won't exist any more after he dies. But all my years I have been praying to a God if there is one and asking how we humans can earn eternal life. I don't understand people who give on eternal life, which is why the church people attract me more than the intellectuals do. I just can't wrap my mind around oblivion. I feel too alive for that.
If there is any way to survive death I am going to take it. If God tells me I need to do hard tasks to have eternal life I am going to do them.
I know continuing to write about saving babies doesn't make me very popular but I have always felt that God just poo poos my reluctance. I picture him saying, so what if you are popular but eternal life is lost? You must try to save the babies, you must live as though you believe life is sacred, you must want eternal life, otherwise how can you do hard things to earn it?
Believe me, I felt dismay when I felt called to become a pro life activist. But after I prayed every day for God to lead me to eternal life and I asked him what I needed to do to earn it, he has said since abortion became legal I need you to fight legalized abortion. I need you to try to save lives.
I know that young woman, Gianna Gesson, going around the world as a pro life activist, is going to earn eternity.
I am glad she survived the holocaust of the unborn as she puts it. She is a great witness. Her reasoning is even more profound than the atheists' reasoning. She could make the most hardened person weep. She reveres the gift of life. She is definitely saving lives. I know she must be greatly loved by God.

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