Thursday, December 9, 2010

I accidentally erased my blog list, my secretarial duties were extended, and sister Linda and son Raymond blogged majorly

Here is my sister Linda on a visit from San Francisco where she hasn't lived very long.  She believes she has become a communist poet hardly even realizing it as she has been hanging out with Jack Hirshman who is known as the Red Poet.  I told her just be the best little communist poet you can be then.  She is looking for the comedian crowd now as she has long billed herself as the 'comedian medium.'  She is a medium like I am only different. She also needs to find the psychics, but I believe the comedians are more important as she has been down in the mouth for some time.  Right now she is worried about the state of California's massive debt.  That would keep anyone awake at night, let alone the 10,000 homeless that Jack Hirshman and the Poets' Brigade are trying to help.  She just blogged majorly in her blog, Vooman's Voice, today after a long silence.
I inadvertently erased my blog list so had to chase down URLs all morning, trying to replace it.  If your blog is not on there and it used to be I will look for it.  Raymond also blogged majorly today again in Cowboys and Bohemians.  My secretarial duties have been extended as Doc insisted that I read Raymond's latest blog to him and also Linda's.  He dictated a reply to Raymond's which I accidentally posted under my name.  When I am down to his apt. I am generally writing in his name and unconsciously wrote my google account down.  He also wanted me to read the comments.
Can he still read?  I don't know. But he is willing to pay a secretary extra to read to him. He is worried because Raymond mentioned he would come by and say hello.  I washed his kitchen rugs today and his bathroom mat in anticipation and told him the least he could do is mop up the spills he makes in the dark on his bathroom floor.
I was going to make some comments on bills passing or not passing in Congress today,  but I found 11 of the latest Time magazines down in the WHo library today, so I need to read through those first.  I am also going to take "Quantum: The Nature of Reality" back to the library today.  I find I am unable to concentrate on what Einstein and Bohr thought during the Christmas shopping season.  I need to go to Borders Bookstore for my annual shopping for books tour instead, and pick up some lighter reading to the library, and finish this Ann Patchett book which I laid down out of jealousy over her success as a writer.


❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

please tell me you didn't say the Green word-you jealous-lady you could put them all to just need to be discovered..

ADB said...

Hi Gerry, I'm very pleased to see you're still going strong down in sunny AZ. My wee blog seems to have slipped through the net, but I'm still on

Best wishes to you and Doc,

Guido said...

You top us all on the blogging with such a variety of subjects.
You are no slouch there. How can you erase a blog list? That sounds like something I would inavertantly do. I manage to do quite a bit to disrupt my peace on the internet. Yesterday I lost houses someway and they were 'repaired' into a new place which I happened on. How did that happen? I have no idea what I did.
I am enjoying the blogging. Sarah Palin was on Barbara Walter's 10 most fascinating people in 2010.
I don't think she has been a reader, although she is quick on her feet.

Anonymous said...

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