Friday, December 24, 2010

In the Garden of Christmas

Unbelievable amaryllis
He has been taking good care of the coleus plant.
He loves his poinsettia, bought at the farmer's market which he has been keeping alive watering out of his little copper watering container he bought at Target.
Here are his 3 amaryllis plants, two only buds.  He got carried away at the sale!
Here is the gardener's female companion who looks like a Christmas ornament herself marveling at the Christmas garden in which she finds herself. 
The gardener himself tenderly tending his Christmas garden

2 comments: said...

I enjoyed seeing the Garden of Christmas. I find, older, that I love to see and take pictues of flowers, growing things, birds and animals. I tried to get a picture of these three dogs all sitting side by side watching me cook. But my camera wasn't on the right spot and they moved. I liked these pictures.

~mel said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS !! You're the prettiest little Christmas flower ever!!


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