Saturday, December 11, 2010

Politics can be a nasty business, but we got to remember we are all Americans lest we tear the country apart with our squabbling

 It has been very tough to be a pro life activist as many years as I have while still trying to act civilized and stick to my belief in non violent protest.  As a pro life registered democrat I read what democrat friends say even if we are directly opposed in our beliefs about abortion. I believe that when abortion was suddenly legalized across the land by a Supreme Court ruling in the case of Roe vs Wade we pro life supporters, believers that life was sacred from conception, were now going to seem like the 'illegal' ones fighting against a law that legalized the killing of the unborn as it turned out for almost any reason up to nine months!  It just looked like the savagery that already existed in countries like Russia, China, and others was going to need to be practiced in our own country for such purpose as population control, keeping unwanted babies from being born to 'suffer' in poverty, given a merciful death instead, and so on, ideas that we had resisted in this country up until 1973.  People were generally persuaded by abortion advocates and almost instant supporters of the law that legalized abortion was an advancement in the development of mankind's thinking.  Well yes, it was going to take toughness to put aside the fact that a fetus was a human being just trying to get through the first stages of life and dispatch it without having a guilty conscience.
The religious whose churches taught that abortion was wrong resisted the most and went right on preaching against it, but in a way that did not have much impact for years.  It was going to take time for pro life activists to be born who would fight harder for a cause that seemed to be more completely lost every year legalized abortion was in existence with over a million deaths a year of the yet to be born.  The first few years there was nearly two million a year, and then it seemed like some lost their enthusiasm for killing without punishment and showed signs of thinking a little deeper about what mankind had come to.
Sisters fought against sisters, mothers against daughters, this was an issue that divided the democrats.  Christian pro life democrats seemed to rapidly disappear as pro choice democrats took over the party and demanded any candidate for president declare himself to be pro choice. 
Republicans had a tough time deciding they had to defend life.  Reagan was nominated and elected as president even though he was pro choice, but then he had come out of Hollywood and most of the stars had gone pro choice, priding themselves on supporting 'a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body.'
In pro choice language this means she has the right to choose an abortion if a child somehow gets conceived at a time that is going to bring hardship to the mother. Abortion which used to be legal in most states if a woman was raped or had been a victim of incest was now seen as necessary in a lot more circumstances that had once been regarded as bad judgment on the part of the mother and the dad, reckless unsafe sex, and so on.
Abstinence was once highly regarded as the best route teenagers could take who were too young to take on the duties of parenthood. Now pro choice people made fun of it and sneered at how ineffective it was in preventing pregnancy.  In my state of Arizona the CEO of Planned Parenthood was able to get a column printed in the Arizona Republic that every teen who got pregnant should have an abortion, and PP continually fought against the passing of any abortion restriction that required parents to be informed if a teen sought an abortion. He said that the parents might be fanatics, zealots who might stop the abortion, therefore ruining their teens lives with having children they were not prepared to raise.
Church people seemed to be trying not to pay too close attention to such developments in case they got too disturbed, but in not protesting they only seemed to be accepting.  It looked as though some were going to make the case for legalized abortion possibly even from the pulpit some day the way things were going.
Well, it is no wonder that people, politicians, conservatives and liberals are at each other's throat fighting over the issue. Hate is unreal directed toward Sarah Palin, a self proclaimed pro life republican activist who is talking of running for president in 2012!
Many republicans, called tea party people and the like, are protesting Obama's presidency for every reason it seems besides his support of his party's platform, pro choice.
Me, I am still back there protesting abortion, supporting life, seemingly almost as unpopular with some modern day conservatives as I am with the pro choice crowd, conservatives who believe in the right to bear arms, constitutional rights, no socialist programs as health plans, no restrictions on Wall Street, and no undue taxing of the rich, but not mentioning legalized abortion.  Mentioning that could make anybody unpopular.
I am used to being very unpopular and so are any other pro life activists if they have been protesting long.  People don't seem to want to stop the killing of the fetus on either side.  Conservatives defend war.  It's patriotic.  Conservative presidents who go to war are declared heroes.
I am against war.  I used to be a protester against war, too, before I became an abortion protester.  I am still against war but everybody turned on President Bush over his expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I didn't have much work to do there.
Protesting abortion is still very hard to do, and so far we have not made a lot of converts, but that does not mean that we don't have to keep doing it.  These are human beings who are being sacrificed here.  Meeting all these aborted children in the hereafter I believe exists is a sobering thought, millions and millions of them, so if you are figuring on a life after death don't forget to figure in millions over there who have been been aborted before they were ever born.  Everybody gets resurrected if anybody does.  We just gave the angels those babies to raise.
Course atheists won't be worrying about that, who figure we will all end up obliterated.  I even believe in reincarnation after a while, for something to do after I have assessed my life and gone through judgment day, greeted kids and everybody I know when they die.
Might be time to be recycled and try to make a better job of living this time. 

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LaRena said...

My Gosh, my friend Gerry, the playwright can write faster than I can keep up with reading. Especially during the holidays. I am unpressed. I just listened to you and Raymond talking in the park and the plays you talked about brought back my many good memories to me as I had seen most all of his productions at that time and very much enjoyed them. It was so nice to have that theater just a few miles down the road from me. Not much else in the far North part of the city before are sense. I'd say Raymond was productive beyond belief in those days. Since he has always been a person near and dear to my heart, I of course, thought every single one was brilliant. i wonder if he can ever have a time quite as exciting to him as those days were. I hope he can and beyond.


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