Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at Ronda's and Chad's 2010

We had such a good time Christmas Eve.  This was the first time we had been together with Dante for a long time. He came from California a few days ago to spend the Christmas holidays with his mom and dad.  So Chad, Ronda, Jamal, and Ethan, Dan, Dante and I ate spaghetti and opened presents.

Dante, Jamal and Ethan playing games in Ethan's room before dinner.

I took a photo of Ronda, Chad, and Dan by the Christmas tree. 

Here is one of the cutest photos of Ronda and Chad I have ever taken.  Don't they look happy and loving here? 

It was Christmas Eve so I asked to be taken home early as I was exhausted.  And Ronda needed to drop Dan and I off to our dwellings and get back home. She lives way north of town, I live in central downtown Phoenix, and Dan lives with Jamal in Tempe where the main campus of ASU is located.  Dan rides the fast transit to work at the Sheraton.  Anyway we live a long ways apart.  Dante's mother would pick him up later from his dad's on her way to her sister's house for Xmas.
I talked to Dante in the back seat as we drove trying to find out if he was happy in California.  He said sometimes no, but he still thinks this is the best place for him right now.  It seemed so good to be able to talk to him again.  I worry about him living away from both his mom and dad.
His mom is still waiting to try to get into HUD housing, so is living to a friend's house right now with her two younger children.  She still has her house cleaning business.  Dante said he went out and helped her clean a house today.  Dan is trying to get through the winter working to the Sheraton, as his back has been acting up. He plans to go back to Utah in the summer.
I am going to write to Dante when he gets back.  We decided. He and Dan are going to Utah on Monday  with Ronda, Jamal, and Ethan for a visit in St. George with Utah relatives.  I hope they have a good time.  I think it is doing Dante good to touch base with his family again.  He is very calm.  Not so hyper, I don't know if the circumstances he is living in have had this effect on him.  I think it is also because he is older.  He has been taking auto mechanics, which he likes.  He also described where he lives which is actually a small town.  I thought he was living on the outskirts of Los Angeles where his Aunt Stephanie used to live, but she has moved further out in the country.  So that was a surprise.  He gave me a lot to think about.   He always does. Divorce is hard. 
I tried to catch up with what the rest of the family were doing also.  Now that I think of it I missed talking to Ethan, but he was so busy, I will have to call him up and find out later sometime what he has been up to. I was able to talk to Jamal some as he came and picked me up when he and Dan went north from Tempe.
Tomorrow I plan to see my two older sons, Raymond and Gary.  I will be spending Christmas morning with Doc. 
Oh yes, we also exchanged gifts and I came home with well, I will have to show you what my son Dan gave me.  I never got such a gift before.  I think people were happy with my book gifts.  Chad and Ronda were very generous.  I also came home with towels!  I think I will give some to Doc!  He's only got one set.

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Cheryl said...

I enjoyed your reporting of Christmas Eve with the family. The pictures are great as well. I can't believe how much everyone is changing and growing up.


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