Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two days before Christmas and this is what is going on....

I went out to get the paper and met up with Daniel of the Most Decorated Apartment fame, my neighbor next door.  He was very very agitated.  His best friend, Betty Spears, who has been very active around here in resident activities is in intensive care and he is not even allowed to see her, only family.  He said he was praying very hard for her.  Her diabetes is now life threatening.  I have talked to Betty a lot in past months, we all have.  She is Indian and has told us about her rough childhood.  She also had to have a melanoma removed from her neck, she said caused from working out in the sun so much. She would say she knew she had a lot wrong with her, and she was prepared to go, but until then she was going to laugh, talk, and enjoy herself. 
I was shocked because I just saw her a couple of days ago out front, as usual, with Daniel and others.  How can she be so sick so fast?  I am praying she can recover and come home just one more time, as I know Daniel needs her, they have been so close the last few months.  He is not ready to say good-bye yet...
He offers a tour for three weeks of his most decorated apartment with 11 trees this year.  He said people did not seem to be in much of a Christmas mood this year.  Now he will be so sad.  I think of all the angels sitting on top of his Christmas trees.  He loves angels.  Maybe the angels will comfort him as he prays for his best friend to come home just one more time before she leaves the earth. This is a woman with a big heart.  She has done a lot for people, including Daniel.  If she likes you, she will give you the shirt off her back.
I am happy to report that my grand daughter Laura's surgery turned out to be for cleaning up scar tissue that was causing her pain. It was done in an out patient surgery unit, and my son Gary called and said he talked to her after it was over. I do so hope she will be getting more rest over the Christmas holidays. I know these young mothers never get enough rest when they have to work, too.  They just have to be strong and tough enough to survive until their little kids adjust and are able to sleep through the night.
I told Laura that I would sooner have bothered a sleeping tiger as disturbed my mother once I was put to bed, but Laura is a much gentler mother who cannot bring herself to swat the child but very seldom.  Gary said that is why she gets so tired. Be that as it may, she needs to survive, so those kids will have a mother!  She must think of her own well being as well as her children's!  Not that I think a child should be swatted back to sleep.  We have seen all too much of that in our society, with the sometimes tragic results of a child dying that woke up a sleeping tiger of a parent!
I saw a video yesterday in which Matt Damon thinks the biggest threat to the US is Sarah Palin running for president and enough nutty republicans to vote for her.  Men do not get the abortion issue.  Sarah Palin is one of the smartest women politicians going because she has noticed that over a millions deaths a year are going on in our country every single year, due to legalized abortion, and she is not afraid to say, hey, this is intolerable.  She knows that if anything else was causing these deaths but ourselves, there would be such a hue and a cry over a million deaths a year that at the present don't even make the news or cause a stir in these strange times.  
It may be that one reason Sarah Palin is on a lot of women's shit list is because she has questioned a woman's right to choose.  I do, too, and now Sarah may be joining me on the short list of the nation's most unpopular women, once news of her pro life activism gets around.  Matt does not realize that women are going to have to vote for her if she is going to become president. I am so unpopular nobody has even heard of me.  My newspaper, the Arizona Republic, never printed any of at least a hundred of my letters protesting some odious piece of abortion propaganda they had published, so I had to become a blogger in desperation.  They still don't print any of my letters, because like most of the media, they are a pro choice newspaper.
Killing is a good deal more popular than saving.  Killing as in abortion  has saved a lot of children from living unhappy lives in poverty, starving, and probably beaten.  I say if a child has survived a lot of parents it may be tougher than we think.  I barely survived my mother's beatings.  But I say what didn't kill me made me stronger, and I would rather have lived than died.  I forgave my mother for her one self induced abortion.  I knew she was desperate, but after wards she also knew she had to repent. She knew it was wrong, and she had done it in a weak moment.  So there were several years there where she was repenting, and it worked because she did not kill her next three kids and we all actually managed to survive.


madcobug said...

I agree with you on all of this Gerri. Glad that your g daughter came through her surgery fine.

Paula said...

Happy to hear Laura is doing well. Pray she continues to recover nicely.

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry, I am so sorry to hear about Betty, what a time to get sick. Hope she recovers.

Feel bad for Daniel. I showed my Mum , Daniel 's apt. she is your age.

Merry Christmas to Doc and you.

Your pics look lovely

❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

Merry Christmas to you and the gardner..praying Betty gets well and comes home.

Love you lady!


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