Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After I borrowed Doc's bus pass (secretarial pay) I decided to take the bus up Central Ave so I could walk to 7th street to Walgreen's for my meds. I realized I was a little shaky from not having any breakfast but half a banana, so I drank some bottled water, ate some sunflower seeds, stopped to McDonald's for sausage and biscuit Doc requested and one for me (to heck with caution on diet, I need food) and orange juice.  Orange juice started to revive me, so didn't fall down crossing the street, picked out Xmas cards, bought large envelopes to send books, scotch tape, Walgreen's bargain toilet paper, and thyroxine med, one of which I took.  
Returned home on the bus, bought newspaper, Doc insisted on dictating an entry to his blog, got alarmed over column about the deficit, really scared, told Doc I would take the paper to check statistics when I blogged about it, he protested I might not bring it back as he wants to read it, checked his mail, decided to take coffee home to drink, Doc frustrated because I run in and out, he wanted me to sing karaoke and film for his You Tube Old Geezer's channel.  I said I do not feel like singing, I have to go home and blog because the whole country is going to hell.  I knew President Bush was an idiot to pass a bill to pay for drugs for those on medicare.  The doctors would prescribe freely, seniors would probably live 40 years longer, and the company would go broke faster.
The republicans were happy when Bush passed that bill, but when the deficit went sky high they said that's enough, no health care for anybody else.  So the seniors got theirs and as usual the workers were going to get screwed. But Obama persisted and passed a health care plan. We don't really know for sure if it will come to pass, but the really poor are on medicaid as I am, so what medicare does not pay, it will, that is until the state goes broke, which it likely will with more people out of work, needing medicaid.  Yes, I love not having to pay more than a dollar or two each for my drugs, but not at the cost of a truly scary deficit rising all the time. Now if Obama's health care plan for everybody is not going to break the country completely, we seniors are going to need to accept a reining in of medicare and drug prescription costs. We need to  think about the poor workers, because without jobs in this country, social security, drugs benefits, medicare are going to be in jeopardy, too.  We simply cannot sustain entitlements that take more than our country's taxes income.  Oh, we could borrow more from China? China will own us if we do, it might own us already.  Are we seniors going to fiddle while Rome burns? Or are we going to tighten our belts, too, without screaming our heads off?     
With all these entitlements the deficit is expected to reach 90 % of GDP, might equal it by 2015! The national debt was only about 35% of GDP 12 years ago.  'The Bush years saw the largest fiscal erosion in American history' says Kathleen what with two wars and adding the prescription drug benefit to medicare.  Guess Bush could not add either. We are not only the world's biggest economy but are now the world's largest borrower.
But the republicans are still worried about President Obama threatening tax breaks to the affluent, because they believe this sector provides work for the workers. That is their honest opinion, so we will have to see.
My gosh, looks like I have blogged while I was still thinking about it.  It's time for lunch.  Doc just called to see if I felt like singing.  I said NO!


Jeanie said...

I notice that the lady who is down and out on your 'Header ' photo has one bag with the 'Lakeland' Logo on it. How strange that a bag from our local 'Lakeland', mothership for kitchen paraphenalia, has found its way to this sad lady. I give credit to the firm. They are very strong bags. I hope the old lady isn't still living on the streets Gerry.
Would that Lakeland could see how their bags are being used in this instance.
I have enjoyed your entry today.

Jeanie xxx

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

You sound like you have low-sugar
episodes. Be careful of those. I enjoyed Jeannie entry about 'Lakeland bags'. The homeless tug our hearts.

Gerry said...

I have long had low energy episodes which are symptoms of hyperglycemia but since I have done a lot better job of cutting down on sugar, I rarely have them. But I do if I am doing something strenuous and have not eaten for a lot of hours. As for the lady this was an image I googled since I do not dare take photos of the homeless that roam all around our complex, because a lot of them are very touchy and might start yelling at me. One started yelling and screaming the other day when the guy I was walking with said something to him because he startled him. I thought he was going to attack us. The violent mentally ill.


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