Friday, December 3, 2010

Article by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend about Sarah Palin stimulates a response from one who supports Sarah's run for president
I just read the above article, which you should, too, if you want to be able understand better why I feel compelled to respond. Sarah Palin is a pro life activist, so she is always going to be trying to get at why there has not been more resistance from politicians, including Ted Kennedy, to legalized abortion. Abortion was not legal when John Kennedy was president which makes you wonder what he would have done had the Supreme Court legalized it in his time with his Catholic background. What would Robert Kennedy have done with his large family? I would say that John Kennedy disillusioned many with his alleged infidelities, similar to his father's, while married to Jackie Kennedy, even when she was having children, miscarrying, and even losing a new baby.
What do we say about presidents who lie, cheat, and do underhanded things that practically ruin their credibility while in office. Kennedy, Clinton, and Nixon all did that. I always thought Clinton thought because John Kennedy got away with it, he could be a womanizer, too, and still be a great president. He was nominated by the democratic party despite a dismal record of infidelities as Governor of Arkansas.
I hardly blame Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of Robert, for not being able to acknowledge some of these painful aspects of the Kennedy brothers' behavior in public life. Ted Kennedy went contrary to Catholic belief and supported pro choice which I think was a very serious departure from a position of strength.
Fighting abortion is associated with the Catholic Church and other churches who have long fought against it. We don't have to be affiliated with a church to oppose legalized abortion, but we will need to match the efforts and zeal of the churches' fight against it to be as respected.
Secularism is now associated with legalized abortion, with killing, so it is not a great American creed, it is a giving into the politics of violence. It is the victimizing of the yet to be born.
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend does not even mention legalized abortion in her article, because she probably supports choice.
What government has to do and keep doing to be strong is oppose wrong doing. Legalized abortion has taken a lot of people down the wrong road, who have bought the justifications for it, because it was easier not to fight it than to take a stand against it, once it was implemented by the Supreme Court, not by the wishes of the people.
If Sarah Palin continues to stand strong as a pro life activist she will go down in history as willing to take an unpopular stand to keep from supporting violence.
As far as I am concerned Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the one using words, smoke and mirrors to try to obscure the facts.
None of our forefathers preached the separation of church and state in order to have legalized abortion, which would be a direct contradiction of most church's beliefs. Wrong is wrong. On many laws church and state agree. Churches preach against many crimes. Government does not support crime.
I also thought that Kathleen's statement that we should remember the Catholic Church was responsible for centuries of killing and torturing heretics was a low blow directed toward the faith of the Kennedys as though over one million abortion deaths a year does not compare. Remember, antibiotics made abortion safe by preventing infection which has killed so many who had abortions previously. The temptation to have an abortion only became stronger, and a world not fortified with strong conviction that it was wrong has succumbed with an unprecedented number of deaths. It seems we have used the great life saving invention of antibiotics to make killing of the unborn big business. Is that what we really wanted?
Abortion advocates have long used separation of church and state as necessary to implement 'a woman's right to choose.' Confused thinkers buy illogical slogans. That's why they are used. And yes, of course we must have separation of church and state, but the important thing to consider is whether abortion is wrong.
You tell me what you think. I think any other solution is better than killing the yet to be born. I do not think this is necessarily a 'religious' idea. Religion has been wrongly denigrated in order to justify violence. Yes, the religious will oppose a woman's right to choose.
The sensible, the enlightened, the modern woman will choose legalized abortion, but I think women are beginning to realize they have been had by the purveyors of violence. People can be whipped into enthusiasm for going to war quite as easily. Yes, we need to go whip their butts!
Many have vilified President Bush for whipping himself and crucial voters into a frenzy that resulted in the invasion of Iraq. He will keep trying to justify it, I am sorry to say. I know he will. I hear that he does so in his latest book. Most presidents will choose going to war as a response to the outrage and frustration of attack by terrorists, relinquishing any kind of faith in less violent responses that might be perceived as unAmerican.
Waging war in two countries at the same time ending up costing millions and wounding and killing so many was easier to endorse.
Non violence is a difficult concept for a lot of people to really support. Let us see how well Sarah Palin sticks to the philosophy of pro life.

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