Sunday, December 26, 2010

Playwright's workshop stimulating out to ChuckH's today in Awtuckee

Raymond picked me up around ten to go out to the Playwright's Workshop today. The Paisley Violin closed during the holiday.  We will skip next week and resume again on the 8th at the Paisley Violin.
I  really enjoyed meeting at Chuck's since he is also an artist so he and his wife have decorated a beautiful home very tastefully with his and other people's art.  Chuck paints a lot of still lifes, some of which he has posted on his blog Jack of Arts where he also posts excerpts from his novel and from his plays. He really is a Jack of all Arts.  
Cate was a new potential playwright present today.  She is working on Raymond's web site.  They first met when he was cast as the lead male singer in The Unsinkable Molly Brown at Theater Works.
Anyway I read the first scene from a play I wrote years ago in honor of my sister LaRae's last visit to Phoenix, when she was very ill with cancer.  It was called Blue or The Spirit Walker's Convention.  We all met in our spirits in a medium called theater.  The first Playwright's Workshop was going on, which Raymond was facilitating, so he was a character in the play as was his partner.  My friend and my sister Linda were also going to the workshop so they are characters along with my sister LaRae.  Blue was an extra terrestrial I the playwright have called forth to help my sister LaRae. She has come to look like an alien with her bald head and I think Blue the alien will help her on a journey she knows is destined for the stars as she has received the death sentence as she called it.
She is also in Phoenix for Thanksgiving dinner to sister Linda's house.  So this was the biggest audience this play has had in one place, although I did do a reading of it with Doc on You Tube, the first scene of which I am going to post her in 3 videos, so you can feel like you were present to the reading, too!  .
Joanne, Ryan, and Chuck also read, and we discussed our group project of 10 minutes plays we have tentatively set for April (when Raymond gets the theater built out) and Matt Sesow gets a big 8x10 canvas painted for it!  Matt has agreed to do another painting!  He is practically world famous now so this is a coup.  He painted a large picture that was very effective for the last group play project Raymond facilitated, Collateral Damage, about the war in Iraq. The theme this time is The American Dream, failed or gone south, whatever you think of its chances today as a playwright.  I think this is a great theme.
I enjoyed the other playwrights' readings. We read out in the patio of Chuck's house by the swimming pool.  The only thing that disturbed us was the dog next door barking now and then and the traffic passing by our planes passing overhead, but that seemed to fit in with Chuck's play which was about a possible end of the world event, some cataclysmic happening we are wondering what.  Joanne is a very young playwright, and her subject was very up to date, organic gardening of some sort, possibly of illegal plants.  Ryan read a play that has already been produced not to his satisfaction, so he is revising and adding more, but the plot is pretty hair raising, so can't wait to hear what happens there.

This is the entire first scene I read today starting from the top!

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