Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas dinner at Gary's house with borscht made by Raymond

This was a delicious dinner cooked by Raymond.  The borscht had beets, carrots, meat and it was delicious.  I see in the dictionary it is sometimes served with sour cream.  Raymond ate it in New York.  He cooked a big pot of it. Oh it also has a little wine vinegar in it.  I requested a jar of it to take home to Doc.  He will never believe it.  Raymond used to cook in a fancy restaurant.  I could see he could cook when he wanted to.  Gary cleaned up everything in a twinkling of an eye.  Raymond said I should see him in a grocery store.  He can whiz through there faster than anybody.  So I am not going to worry about these boys anymore.  They can take care of themselves.
The camera lady forgot her camera, so I am also posting a photo of the old house Mother had built.  The family lived in it until Mother and Dad sold out.  Mother built her store to the side of it.
I picked out the following photo of it.

Old house looking very deserted.  Nobody but our family ever lived in it again. Raymond rented it one summer when he was up there and actually raised corn in the garden.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family this year, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It worked out for my two younger children to have Christmas Eve and my two older sons to have Christmas day.  After dinner we sat at the table and exchanged gifts. Raymond let Gary and I pick out two photos from a pile he had.  I gave Raymond two books, one was letters written by Franz Kafka.  I told him he would always sympathize with Franz Kafka once he read this book called, "A Memory Come Alive".  The other Kafka was "The Penal Colony".  The third book I gave Raymond was the story of a man and his dog called "Merle's Door" about a 'thinking' dog. The dog and his master lived far enough out in the country so he could allow his dog to make more decisions for himself than a city dog usually gets to. I knew Raymond would just love this book. I did. I believe the name of the author is Ted Kerasote.
 I gave Gary a book by William Kennedy containing three of his novels, "Legs" about Legs Diamond, the gangster, another one, can't remember the long name, and Ironweed.  I know he will like them once he gets used to his style.  I also gave him the Homestead book which has the history of every piece of property in Boulder in it, plus photos, and all the brands the ranchers used.  He has always had to read blueprints so I know he will appreciate this book about land and property, another book project done by the nieces , Cheryl and Camille,  for Boulder Heritage. My sister Ann also helps with all the book projects, too.  Raymond is always looking after the musicians. Gary gave me a gift card to Safeway. That will come in handy. 
After dinner we went into the back yard and played with Baby, the dog,  a little while.  She was so happy to get some attention.  The football game was about to come on, so Gary brought me home.  I loved riding in his silver Audi sports car.  He now works 9 miles across town on the west side where I used to live in a construction office on lower Buckeye.


Paula said...

Glad you had such a nice time. You're right Gerry driving to Las Angeles, Calif. is not our style. I can't even imagine us country hicks doing that.

Amrita said...

Your grandsons are really handsome.

And th e food looks delicious. Isn 't thi a Russian dish. I must look up the recipe.

The house must invoke memories in you

salemslot9 said...

one time someone
at my John's work
made borscht
he brought some
home for me
I really liked it

is that house
still standing today?


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