Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of Daughters of the Shadow Men and on to Daughters of the Shadow Men II new blog!

My blog is getting too long and unwieldy, and this is a perfect time to stop posting on it.  Instead I am going to start Daughters of the Shadow Men II on New Year's Day!  The first one will still be there to access but I will be blogging on the second one.  I thought and thought about it, not even hardly sleeping last night, and decided this was what I was going to do.  I still need to blog because I do my thinking on there.  I also need a place to put my videos since there are more videos I want to do in the new year.  I also want a blog to link up to Facebook which I really enjoy, but can't really get my say in up there as I do in my blog.  Facebook suffices for some, for the most part, but I am afraid not for me.  I don't want to interrupt my relationship with some of the bloggers.  I like to follow their blogs so want to continue to make mine available to them even when some do not have the time to read it all the time.
I am planning on making some videos this coming year with my son Raymond, to show Doc, for one thing, what sobriety can do for you.  Doc is funny and he is talented, but he always has to come through an alcoholic fog.  Raymond, on the other hand, has come to believe that sobriety is absolutely necessary for him to accomplish some of what he has set out to do.  I want to support his position as much as I can.
I got the idea of a second blog continuing on from the first one from Charles Deemer, the writer of Writing Blog II. I happened to see his first Writing Blog posted on his blog and saw that it just preceded Writing Blog II, so I thought that is what I think I will do.  I read his blog religiously as I have already gotten quite a few ideas from him.
I am feeling so sorry for Dana who writes Vagabond Journeys with his latest troubles with his computer.  He has lost files and photos. Plus he got very upset, which at our age is not good, but I hope he will start blogging again with his usual confidence and ability as I count him as a good thinker in the blogging world.
Doc has got a backup expensive computer down to his place which he is still paying for that I can use when I am having trouble with mine.  Plus I have a son Dan who is very good with computer troubles who has so far got me out of every bind I got into with the help of his son Dante.  Ha.  Dante is now banned from my computer as I can't afford to lose as much as Dana has.
I still can't figure out why it takes Dana so long to get on line, when I am on there in a moment with my broadband services.  I stick with a certain brand of computer, HP, as I find it to be very reliable.  Doc's computer is also HP which we made sure we got so it would be compatible with mine.
I am loving the battery Doc got for the camcorder for Christmas which cost him $80.  We can film a lot longer now.  So we are having fun.
Oh by the way, Cathy Rapicano, another blogger who writes DARE TO THINK turned me on to 500 and more photos of Egypt on Facebook.  I love love Facebook for the photos. I love looking at all my relatives photos and all my Facebook friends' Christmas photos.  They were great.  I love the snow photos.  I just love photos period.  I love to take them, too, and am looking forward to taking a lot more in the coming year.
Oh, and I am so upset.  The Farmer's Market closed for the holiday and bulldozers came in and started tearing up the parking lot!  I am hearing that a high rise apt. complex is going up there, and if it is, the Farmer's Market will have to find still another place to set up two days a week.  If it has to find another place I am afraid the Store which is open 5 days a week will close, too.
As far as I know the Farmer's Market people thought they were coming back to this parking lot.  The guy in the store told me it was just being recovered.  We will see!  Well, they have been in downtown Phoenix a long time in several spots, so they probably won't leave, but where oh where will my Farmer's Market go.
I have had a great year with Connie's graphics.  She still makes some wonderful ones for me.  I am going to leave this header above on my blog, and I am going to start out the new year with another one of hers on my Daughters of the Shadow Men II.
I might even start writing my memoirs again, and then maybe not.  I will have to think about it!  So Talley ho, and just look for the II to find my current blog.

7 comments: said...

Very nice outfit. I don't know if I understand why you need to start a new blog. Can you access all the blogs from the beginning? Why don't you pull your chapters from there and start another blog called My Life! Put it together, leaving out the other parts that don't relate. I haven't really checked out the archives much. Does this blog just feel too big?

Gerry said...

My stat counter keeps warning me that I have gone beyond 500 entries and others have reported ignoring this warning and having trouble with accessing their blog. I also get a report that if I want to extend the number of entries I have to pay. So I would rather start another one. Charles Deemer does a lot of entries, so I see that just starting another blog would take care of the problem. I need to do something before something happens that I will not like! It seems that the longer the blog gets, the more unwieldy it is for blogger to handle. If the blog is right there I don't see why any interested party could not access it just as easily as trying to have a huge long blog.

Have Myelin? said...

Happy New Year Gerry!

You look adorable! =)

❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

I have HP also.My second computer was HP as was my camera and printer and all worked so well together.So,of course my newest had to be HP. They are more reliable than others. If I can back out of a computer jam,anyone can,lol. I didn't know the blogs could only be so long or they'd begin to charge. Wonder if they will limit the number of blogs we can have.I have 28 right now. Actually my Halloween and Christmas stories take up quite a few,as they direct you to a new 'blog' not a page for each trip to the next
I am glad Raymond realizes to achieve he must stay sober. Doc,on the other hand,sadly, feels he has nothing to achieve except his own satisfaction....Sometimes I feel like stopping the graphics altogether but for you-they will always be forthcoming...I had some pretty ones made for Christmas but hadn't found the time to post them and didn't even make New Years ones and I had some some great tubes and elements to make them...oh well..happy New Year my dear lady,Love you always....

Paula said...

You're lookin' pretty lady. Happy New Year! said...

Be sure to post your new blog everywhere so we can find it.
Have you begun?

Amrita said...

O like your videos and your nice hearty laugh. You are my Mom 's age, so I like reading your posts.

Happy New Year to you


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