Monday, December 13, 2010

A critic wrote "The Pig Hunter from Blue River" even made the pickup truck crowd scratch their heads! (3-4)

In the third episode of Raymond's history of plays he wrote or directed for Playwright's Workshop Theater,  he talks about a 'horror comedy' he wrote called 'The Pig Hunter from Blue River."  People really did not know what to make of this play.  I was some puzzled myself.  I did not know until Raymond talked about it here that he thought of the javelinas as taken over by demons like Jesus had cast out of people into the swine.  Well, when they descended on the house, with all the sound effects the tech man had devised, I don't remember ever being quite so startled in a theater.  The characters were bizarre country folk, Arizona style.  We have a New River and we have javelinas.  And we have scary hippy druggie type folk with tattoos living out in the desert among the saguaros  in trailers you might just want to avoid when ever possible. Hence "The Pig Hunter from Blue River" which will live in memory or infamy as one of the truly experimental wild plays done at Playwrights.

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Well that sounds interesting to me but wouldn't you know it? lol


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