Friday, December 10, 2010

Raymond talks about "Prince from Saturn" and Playwrights Workshop Theater (1-4)

I had the pleasure of filming a 4 part series of Raymond talking about plays he did at his theater company Playwrights Workshop Theater, including my "Prnce from Saturn" during which he took the furniture out of my ghetto apt to make the set.  He took two TVs, one that only had sound, and one that only had the picture which my son Dan, 14, had to hit to make play.  He took a lamp held together with clothes pins as this was my story, too, as well as the Prince from Saturn's.  We both had to seek welfare and food stamps while waiting for disability benefits. The Prince was homeless person, diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic with learning disabilities, who married my former baby sitter.  They had a new baby and I just could see them sleeping under a bridge so I took then in as it turned out for 2 months while they waited for benefits.  The play covers the waiting period and the Prince's interaction with my kids who weren't too happy about taking in a guy who becomes a werewolf and howls at the moon when he gets upset and wants to feel better.  The Prince told me he had over two hundred different personalities.  My son Dan attempted to counsel him in how to get rid of the werewolf.
Raymond acquired many pictures the Prince had painted of his cars to hang on the walls of the theater for the duration of the play.  His father came from Texas to see the play who told me his son had claimed to be a vampire since he was six years old.  Pete corrected him gently by saying, "No, Dad, a werewolf."
Pete wanted to play his part, but Raymond and I were able to persuade him he could just act as a consultant, as he might not be able to memorize the lines.  So Raymond had all the real life characters come in and talk to the actors who played them.  I don't know whether my daughter consented to do this, but I know Pete did with great gusto.  Maybe my baby sitter, Michelle, did, too, as I know the very good actress who played her said talking to Michelle was very helpful in playing her part in the play.
I wanted to play me, too, but couldn't on account of chronic fatigue disabling me.
My niece Cheryl said she never forgot the performance as she happened to end up sitting by the real Prince from Saturn.  When the werewolf personality howls at the moon, Pete turned to her and told her how it relieved a person to be able to howl at the moon once in a while.  She didn't know whether to laugh or be nervous.
My daughter Ronda who had acted in my first play Raymond directed, I thought could have done a wonderful job of playing herself but she was too busy going to college, and besides she wasn't quite sure she approved of the way I had portrayed her.
The real Prince from Saturn drew the Prince from Saturn riding his gryphon from Mars on the program which you will note was done in October, 1990.  Memories!

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I can't bring up the is still white. Maybe in a day or so.
I'll look forward to it. said...

I was able to watch the video today and enjoyed every minute. Babe is also entertaining as she keeps track of what is going on.
I went to Prince of Saturn and met the actor as well as the real Prince. He demonstrated the real wolf howl (his) after the show. I was startled. I did enjoy Dan in the play, the wild teen. Ronda was very good playing herself. The play was so unusual showing a homeless couple with a baby...knowing it was all true.

Gerry said...

Ann, that girl may have reminded you so much of Ronda you remember it as Ronda, but Ronda was going to college and could not play the role. I thought she would have been very good, but she would never have done it.


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