Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama's compromise tax breaks package makes sense: read Sheria's report in the Examined Life  
Sheria gives you the whole package in lucid detail. Now it is up to Pelosi and the house democrats to accept the compromise package which will extend Bush's tax benefits for the wealthy and middle class, but will save many more benefits for the poor, including extended unemployment benefits. There are signs Pelosi wants no compromising on tax breaks to the wealthy, but republicans want them so Obama has compromised.  Pelosi and firebrands like Senator Sanders must realize that compromise may be necessary even to insure a second term for Obama.  Everybody is getting something valuable in this package. In the over view a president has to think about what is good for all.  
I think cutting tax breaks to the wealthy is an admirable ideal.  I agree with it in principle, but the wealthy are fighting back, so Obama has had to decide that compromise is in the best interests of all the people at this time.  Sheria says that if he can win a second term, Americans can continue to be informed of just how few of the wealthy own most of our world.  Everybody should listen to Senator Bernie Saunders' speech!
I am sure President Obama listened to it, but he is the president so he has to decide just how far the democratic party can go in putting their ideals into action. Will Pelosi and House democrats reconsider?
In desperation, I, a pro life registered democrat, came out with support for Sarah Palin for president because she has become a pro life activist.  Nancy Pelosi and extremist pro choice democrats wanted FOCA passed when Obama became president which would make abortion rights UNTOUCHABLE forever, meaning that none of the states could pass laws restricting it.  For a pro life democrat that goal was simply wrong. To me Pelosi is an extremist.  We are directly opposed in our beliefs about a violent solution that takes life.  I say legalized abortion has resulted in an unacceptable number of deaths of the yet to be born.  That a too uncompromising support of pro choice and legalized abortion can and should  lessen Obama's chances for a second term. I say that as a democrat not as a republican.  I say the democrat party must respect the pro life beliefs of democrats or stand accused of silencing those voices in their own party with brutal tactics.  It is ridiculous to think that the many Christian democrats would be expected to give up their beliefs in God and the sacredness of life and go pro choice. 
Stupak and other pro life democrats agreed to pass the Obama Healthcare plan only because he agreed to a COMPROMISE, by executive order, so that  government abortion funding would not be included.  Pro life activists have had a lot of difficult trusting that he would keep his promise, but the fact that he is willing to oppose Pelosi and other extremist House democrats on the tax breaks package is a sign that he is beginning to feel what it means to be president.
We need a country recovering from a deep recession before we can hope to bring down the number of deaths due to legalized abortion with all agreeing, democrats and republicans, that over a million deaths a year of the yet to be born is not ideal or what we want our country to stand for.  But in the meantime, pro life activists must continue to bring the unacceptable death rate before the country in every way possible, which Sarah Palin has been doing.  Ignorant of history or not, she has tackled a huge problem as she sees it and I see it. I will not support or vote for a democratic president who cannot show that he can recognize extremism in his own party.

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