Friday, December 17, 2010

I am still comfortable with supporting Sarah Palin for president after reading her book, America by Heart

I was surprised to find her more pragmatic and unemotional than I expected her to be.  You instinctively trust a politician who can stay calm and keep his or her cool while all others around them are ranting and raving until all is lost.
I was also relieved to find that she was quoting and interpreting I thought quite accurately numerous political leaders in history she admires and has tried to emulate. Much has been made about her not being able to keep  historical facts straight. I just don't think people who disagree with her beliefs are as willing to see them reflected in what powerful leaders in history have thought.  As far as political leaders go, I don't think this apple has fallen far from the tree of American architects of our past government policies.
I have often wondered why President Obama could not find more inspiration in the words of such a great black leader as Martin Luther King.  Sarah Palin quotes him quite extensively in this book, probably because her religious beliefs jive more with King's than President Obama's do.
She finds the issue of slavery did trouble our founding fathers who finally had to conclude that all men are created equal except those obviously in bondage as slaves, but that slavery extended so deeply into the very foundation of the economy that it could not be dealt with at that time, and indeed, as she points out, it was not made unlawful for another 100 years, at the cost of a terrible war and many lives lost. She does not believe that made our country's citizens generally racist, but rather in the grip of a policy that was going to take time and bloodshed to change.
As far as pro life is concerned, I felt that Sarah Palin expressed her views that legalized abortion is wrong as strongly as it was possible for her to do, without going overboard in a too emotional way that would only alienate without serving the cause.  Not once was I disturbed by anything she said. Yet I still came away from the book thinking that the nation has gained a pro life activist who will definitely make converts and awaken the conscience of many.
I thought Sarah Palin gave a great speech when she was nominated, but I think her best speeches are still to come.  I can hardly wait for the campaigns to begin.  I think she will be one of the great women speakers of our time.  She has analyzed the weaknesses in abortion rights thinking I thought extremely well.  She says that women are beginning to question 'feminist' values that claim women cannot progress without the right to sacrifice their unborn children.  She does not believe that great women have ever had to do that, but instead, like Mama Grizzliess, their instincts have led them to guard the lives of their unborn as fiercely as they do their cubs when danger threatens.
She cites Trig, the Downs Syndrome child she is photographed in Phoenix with, as the biggest blessing their family has ever got!  I wondered how that could that be true, but I believe when Sarah Palin says it, she means it.  She says when she found out that Trig was a Downs Syndrome baby she prayed, saying, God, I have always believed that you would never give me a burden too great for me to carry.  She said she was tempted by thoughts of abortion, but those thoughts only remained temptation.  We need to know more about Trig who she says rushes at life with all the enthusiasm in the world.  Did he really look at her with eyes that said, you will find out, Mama, you will like me. 
But Sarah Palin is the mother of 5 children, and I think each one has made her stronger.  Her oldest son joined the service and went to Iraq.  We have all heard the story of beautiful Bristol whom she said she left living with her sister when she was busy with governorship and the call to politics.  She thought she was fine and was shocked and fearful over what her teen pregnancy would do to her political career, let alone what it would do to her very young daughter's life.  That struggle is still ongoing but Sarah Palin has accepted being a grandmother with her usual enthusiasm for children intact.
She has also gone through difficulties and troubles as reported by the press with her husband Todd, but she says he is her best friend and a wise adviser who helps her the most to do what she does.  She thinks women do better with great help mates.  I am glad she knows how to keep Todd with appreciation.
I think Sarah Palin is a very healthy woman, which is why she is good for American politics.  I do not believe that she will be prone to get too carried away with any policy, nor do I think she will allow extremists in the party to unbalance her.  I think she will make the best of their support without being sucked into their most angry viewpoints.  She is going to stay calm and she is going to reason with them.  I have known people who reason very well under fire.  I think she is one of them.
President Obama will have to think his very best to come into  the political arena even as the incumbent president candidate.  He is going to have to WIN his second term, and Sarah Palin is a worthy opponent.
She also quotes Mitt Romney who I think she favors as a possible republican candidate because she approves of the way he embraces religion, implying that it has made him who he is, and it will be a part of his campaign for presidency.
Mitt Romney is Mormon, so I am naturally wondering if he will shape up to be a worthy candidate for the republicans to run for president, should they decide not to go with Sarah.  They need candidate A and candidate B. Sarah Palin with her strength is only going to challenge Romney and make him stronger. Voila! Sarah Palin!


~mel said...

Have you been watching the television series, Sarah Palin's Alaska? I admire her. She's very family oriented and shoots from the hip and tells it like it is. We need more people like her in our government who aren't afraid to take on a challenge. said...

I agree. Good post on Sarah Palin.
I think she is someone women can emulate because she believes in life, in women being in strong positions, in principles to live by. I enjoyed her Alaska series although most women won't and don't want to go out and shoot a caribou or deer. I don't want to do that, but I enjoyed her take on hunting with her dad and what that means to her. I actually laughed when she was rock climbing and not having an easy time. Most women could relate. I find her sensible in her approach and willing to put herself into uncomfortable areas. I think she would be both sensible and would find out what she needs to know in most situations or handling a problem. She listens well.


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