Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Doc and I made our last video for Christmas doing our 'sparkling best'. I told Doc all he had to do was sparkle.  At first he had a hard time, and then he really got into sparkle.  All you have to do is give Doc an idea and he will run with it!  He even wore this black cap. You can't get any better cooperation than that.

The amaryllis in the header photo is another of Doc's Christmas gifts to me.  He even bought two more home which are in the bud. He said they were on sale!  You got to love a man who gives flowers for every occasion.

My desperation to sing really shows here. I am hoping for divine intervention.  I will  just wake up one day and sing perfect.  It will be called the Christmas miracle. 


kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Good luck with that. I hope that at least when we die, we wake up singing like angels. I wouldn't mind waking up with a Susan Boyle or Tammy Wynette or Judd singing voice. That would be fun. Or maybe our own voices would instantly be wonderful...just warped a bit in childbirth. We have voices to look forward to.

Bohemian Cowboy said...

Gary Dean and I watched and laughed with glee! (I hope that it was alright that we laughed) It was such a great rendering of 'Let it Snow'! Especially in Phoenix where snow is unlikely, added to the humor of the song! Enjoyed, somehow gave me the Christmas spirit.


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