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I am not an atheist because

I was once having quite heated exchanges with a proclaimed atheist and skeptic in the blogging world, and he was very skeptical about my dreams about the future coming true, so he asked me if I would do a blog describing my dreams and exactly what happened to make me think they had come true.  He had quite a hard time persuading me to do it, but since dreams about the future do not happen very often, I also went back and starting recounting notable dreams I had had in the past.  I was very pleased with my progress in writing this history of my prophetic dreams. I thought that I was getting down some very impressive dreams and events that followed.
He had not said anything for a while on this blog I was doing just for him.  Nobody else but my sister Ann had access to it. So I asked him what he thought of it. He wrote back and said, "Oh, I stopped reading your dream blog quite a long time ago.  That was not what I had in mind!"  It seemed that he wanted a lot better proof than I was giving him.
I thought nobody could convince this guy. He is expecting more from dreams than any dreams will ever give him.  I deleted the blog as some of the dreams I recounted there were about some very disturbing events. I did not want this blog floating around in cyber space.  
This also reminded me of reading in Brocca's Brain written by Carl Sagan, the great astronomer, a scornful put down of people who imagined they dreamed about a future event.  He said he had had a dream about his brother-in-law doing such and so, and of course nothing about it came true.  I thought to myself, you have studied space, but you have obviously not studied the make up of many dreams, so this is an area you don't know a lot about!
I have found that people have to open their minds to a subject before they are able to judge. 
Skeptics have not bothered me so much since, because I don't think some of their brains are wired to pick up the significance of dreams.  I think what you don't want to believe you may not be able to see.
I am fascinated with the histories of dreamers.  I thank God for Carl Jung who had some fascinating experiences with dreams.  He did a great deal to dispel some of the worst doubts of scientists that anything at all was going on in dreams.
I think of God as a consciousness that you almost instinctively call on when the crisis is very big. When I thought I was dying, I have prayed all night, over and over, please, God, please God, keep me alive.  I hung on to the idea of a great power until toward morning when I started to feel a little stronger.  Other times it would be Jesus I would turn to especially when I was a child.  As an adult I would ask for help from other spirits.
I was driving in a car some years ago when a spirit entered the car.  I knew who it was.  I knew he had come for a reason.  He was my cousin who had been killed in a car wreck along that road years before.  I was a little alarmed and said, "Varl, why are you here?  Is something wrong?"  I went around a turn and saw a station wagon had wrecked and was stopped half way across the road. Now I knew why he was there.  I slowed way down the rest of the way up that stretch of road where he died.  Once I saw deer in the headlights.  Deer often crossed that road and caused wrecks. I thought, "Thank you, Varl, for being my guardian angel tonight."  Varl came to visit the other night, after many years because a nephew of his had killed himself.  We talked quite a long time. He told me his brother, the father, was absolutely devastated.  He was up in his 80's and did not expect to bury a son who died by his own hand.    
I have had other spirits act as my guardian angels on hazardous trips.  I once had a spirit warn me in a dream that my car was going to stop on the Glen Canyon Bridge as I was on my way to Phoenix, Arizona.  On the bridge I saw this spirit dive off  in my dream in kind of a swan dive. I could not figure that out, but you know I was not surprised when my car started to go put put about a mile from the bridge.  I was terrified it would stop on the bridge as cars were fined for stopping for any reason on that bridge!  I made it across and just as I pulled into a service station, my car quit.
The problem was the fan belt, which was quickly replaced.  I figured out that Jimmy tried diving off the bridge 'fanning the air' to act out what was going to go wrong.  Dreams remind me of that game, charades, where the player tries to act out a message you don't always get. Jimmy was quite a jokester.  I felt that he was giving me this message as kind of an experiment in transference from a spirit's mind to my mind. 
Other times when Jimmy was with me, the trouble was much more serious.  I thought he saved my life once somehow when I lost control of my car on black ice.  I was 8 months pregnant.  I threw my little girl, 5, in the backseat.  I just did not see how we were going to escape serious injury or even death.  You would never believe what happened.  I hit one of those poles at the side of the road and it bent in my fender on my tire and slowly slowly forced my car to a stop without even bumping my pregnant belly.
Scientists would say Jimmy had nothing to do with it, but he was there, he was my guardian angel every time I went on a trip, because I was having such a terrible time during those years.
I also had a dream before Jimmy died, that somebody of the three of us, Jimmy, Marlon Brando, and me, was under the ice. One of us was going to die. The whole world mourned when Jimmy was killed in his silver sports car when he was only 22, James Dean, my spirit guide for quite a long time. He and I were the same age. The silver ice and the silver sports car, the same color. The coldness of death.
He also came and entered my car when I was driving down the road in Los Vegas in the month of August one year.  He told me while I was driving that "Somebody was going to die, a theatrical personality in his 40's in governmental circles."  I knew it was very serious if he was coming to tell me in person, not in a dream. 
I thought of everyone it could be except who it was, President Kennedy, who was assassinated in November.
These are only a fraction of prophetic dreams I have had in a life time.
How can they be explained?  It is no wonder that I believe that the body is inhabited with a spirit that leaves the body upon death, but can still be interactive some way with the living.  I had nearly died a number of times. I thought that made me more receptive to spirits.  For years I felt like I had one foot in the other world.  I was just trying to hang on, have a life, raise my kids. But when I came close to death I felt the spirit leaving on several occasions, leaving a body that felt like an old piece of driftwood, no longer relevant.  I was still alive in some form.  I was moving upward, sometimes like diffused lights no longer contained in the body but freed to expand, strange, strange.

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Fascinating blog of the spirit world. I am thinking about it.

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Wow! THis is interesting. I've been reading stuff about "after death encounters". I am no skeptic!


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