Saturday, December 18, 2010

First playwrights workshop goes well at the Paisley Violin today!

Raymond, Chuck, Ryan, Jude, Joanna, Ryan's dad, and I attended, and we really got to work, deciding on a theme for our group ten minute play project, and we selected Matt Sesow as the artist to inspire us with a big painting about our theme which is going to cover disillusionment of some some sort with the fulfillment of our expectations.  Chuck read 15 minutes from a new play with an end of the world theme, and expressed misgivings about doing the reading alone. He likes readers if he can get them, but Raymond said that does not always guarantee a good reading. Raymond discussed his plans for building out a theater space there at the Paisley Violin for our production of the ten minute plays.  Raymond is never happy, I have learned, unless he is building out some theater space.  
Raymond said he now expects to be in Phoenix until May, so I am elated.  We can get a lot done on our plays if he's going to be here that long.  It will be just like old times.  I asked to read 15 minutes next time, and I plan to bring Blue with the sub title of Spiritwalkers Convention as I have never gotten a chance to read that play in a workshop setting.
By the way we all discussed where we were at with our play writing.  The young playwrights, Jude and Joanna, who met Raymond when he was teaching theater at Metro Arts, had some interesting viewpoints on what they are doing now theater wise in community colleges.  Ryan Hood who started in Raymond's acting classes when he was 8 years old, formed a theater company in which he produced and directed two of Raymond's children plays, Amy's Attic and Holiday in Hoopersville, among others.  He also wrote a play when he was going to Glendale Community college which garnered Arizoni nominations even!  Chuck talked about his New York experiences in play writing workshops and acting. I talked about blogging and making videos. 
Raymond always ends workshops at the designated time, brought me home, and took off for Anthem north of Phoenix where he had business. 
Aint we got fun?  I think so.

2 comments: said...

Sounds like you have jumped in for more play action. Sounds like Raymond. Verry interesting.

Chuckh said...

Good meeting, huh? I just wanted to keep reading and reading get the idea. The next few scenes will start to sing, I think.


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