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More thoughts on the hereafter

We have been talking about the hereafter on our family site since my sister Margie's husband, 90, is now in hospice. I am 79 and don't think I can possibly live too many more years.  Every day or so I do spirit dialogues to prepare myself for my future.  I have a sister LaRae, who passed over when she was 51, which would be 23 years ago.  She often serves as my guide. She has been trying to acquaint me with what people are doing over there.  She tells me that every time there is a war or some kind of catastrophe where a great many people are killed, this throws the hereafter off kilter, you might say, with people there very busy receiving and taking care of an unusually large number of departed souls.
Now she says that everyone there is engaged in an activity I know most people don't even want to think about, they are dealing with an astronomical amount of babies who have been aborted from almost every 'civilized' country in the world.  She said this has resulted in the people who were just about ready to be reincarnated staying there and teaming up with help mates to take care of some of these babies who go through a life cycle in the hereafter as all little children do who have either been killed or died of an illness.  She said that was what she started doing fairly recently.
It is very hard to wrap your mind around how heaven deals with over a million children a year in this country alone, aborted.  Which means about one third of all pregnancies since 1973 have been terminated by abortion.  Of course on this earth, we have been taught by the 'scientific' media that there is no need to worry, these children will go to oblivion just like the rest of us probably will.  Skeptics don't fret about death as the 'religious' do.  How nice for them not to have to think about the logistics of a hereafter as we believers do.
I, for one, find that life is very long.  It is sometimes hard to imagine that we might want to continue it after death after a long rest, I am sure, but not necessarily years just a day or two.  Then I am sure some of us will get up, just fine, and ready to do whatever needs to be done over there.  I have always received messages from the spirits.  I can hardly remember when I didn't. At least from my early twenties.
When I was 15 I had a near death experience following a tonsilectomy. I felt myself flying through space thousands of miles an hour.  I knew I was going to heaven and I was ecstatic. I was so excited about seeing heaven, I was quite annoyed when I suddenly felt myself plopped back down to earth again in my body with a very very sore throat. I hated to open my eyes.  When I did my mother said calmly that I had gone into shock, which she noticed when I started to turn blue. It was a good thing she had been told not to leave me as she was able to summon help.  I was given oxygen which I am sure brought me back to life again.
This was only one experience of quite a few where I had the sensation of leaving my body in a near death experience when I was gravely ill or someone was trying to do something to me causing me nearly to expire. My doctor in the case of the tonsilectomy had tried an experimental surgery on me, not putting me out but just freezing my tonsils.  When I nearly expired in shock after wards, he told my mother he had no idea my nerves were so bad or he would not have done such a thing.
He had reason to regret I was his patient at all, as after we left the hospital I also began to hemorrhage.  I bled all night, but my mother was tired of all the effort she had already had to make for me, and told me she would not take me back to the hospital until the next morning.  Had I been bleeding more rapidly I undoubtedly would have expired before morning.  As it was, I felt extremely sick to my stomach because of all the blood I swallowed during the night. The doctor was annoyed to see me so soon again, cauterized my throat wound, and sent me home, where I began to bleed again!  My mother did not dare take me to that doctor again, so off we went the next day in another direction to another town and another hospital, where another doctor cauterized the wound again which had not bled as freely, or again I would have died during the night. It just oozed.  My mother surely had less nerves than I ever would have done with a bleeding child.  She went to bed and apparently slept soundly both nights. 
I had told my mother I did not want a tonsilectomy in the first place! I wasn't even living at home.  How could she know whether I had colds or not?  My theory was that she had a crush on the doctor and was thinking of an excuse to be near him.  My tonsilectomy was the means to an end.  This doctor was known to have quite a few affairs with nurses.  I don't know about patients.
This is all in the way of telling you that I was a normal kid who through my parents' sometimes shocking lack of responsible behavior went through life threatening experiences.  My chronic fatigue which has plagued me all my life had its origins in childhood due to the stress of my alcoholic father's behavior, the terrible fights he had with my mother, and also my mother's constant attempts to escape from her home leaving me, the oldest, with too much work to do and too much responsibility in taking care of my sisters.  Those are typical happenings in an alcoholic's home.
I remember first having a chronic fatigue bout toward the end of the summer when I was 11. It was so severe I thought I must have either leukemia or rheumatic fever as I could hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning.  I figured I was going to die. Fortunately, school started, and I was able to sit down most of the day instead of working, and my ominous symptoms receded.
Now back to abortion.  My mother aborted one child herself because she was under so much stress with two babies, married to a bad alcoholic. I would have been still one, and my sister a few months old when she found herself pregnant again!  This is also very typical behavior in a home where some kind of substance abuse is going on.  I will warrant that most abortions take place when the mother has gotten pregnant irresponsibly because a violent alcoholic husband or boyfriend demanded she satisfy his need for sex. The mother could also be addicted to alcohol or drugs, which my mother was not, thank goodness.  We caught a break there. 
Now days a trip down to the abortion clinic would be required to take care of a pregnancy that just could not be sustained without a good deal of hardship. It's hard to imagine the circumstances in a million homes a year where the mother would feel desperate enough to try to find the money for an abortion, but the numbers don't lie.  Abortion clinics have done a flourishing business for a long time.  Planned Parenthood, one of the biggest abortion provider businesses in the world, has money to send lobbyists everywhere they are needed to protect abortion rights.
Some women living in such precarious circumstances may go to an abortion clinic multiple times in a life time.  I remember reading about a Russian woman admitting to having 17 abortions during her fertile years. 
We know that substance abuse contributes many factors that spell instability and hardship for young parents. That was certainly the case with my parents.  My mother miscarried twice following her self induced abortion.  Then she carried 3 more children full term, making 5 live births in all.  When she got pregnant again shortly after her fifth child was born, which she miscarried, she persuaded a doctor to tie her tubes at 29 years old.  Her child bearing days were done.
Substance abuse very often interferes with gainful employment. I just can't tell you how many ways alcoholism and drug abuse can lead to disaster, for multiple abortions are indeed evidence of a tragic life.  I am sure the young Russian mother who admitted to 17 abortions could have had a problem with alcohol herself.  She also said that sometimes an abortion was easier to get than birth control pills.
We know that in China where the one child policy was rigidly enforced with abortions required, a big imbalance occurred with too many boys born without enough girls for them to marry.  I don't know what is going on there now.
Thailand I am sure where abortion is still illegal probably has many less abortion deaths a year despite what abortion advocates will try to tell you.  Many will have their children if it is illegal and effort is made to enforce the law against it.
I have always thought that those who are so fond of abortion as a solution for many problems especially hate the pregnancies of the poor.  In this case I think abortion is another form of racism, targeting blacks particularly who because of job discrimination and other racist practices are most apt to be on the welfare roles, needing subsidized housing, food stamps, medicaid, etc just to survive.
Blacks have had a tough time to survive in this country since the days of slavery, since whites bought slaves but balked ever since at treating them like equals after they had used them as horses in the fields, whipped them, owned them, and professed to think they had no brains to take care of themselves.  When I was younger there were no blacks working in banks as there are now, in restaurants that white people owned even as waitresses! I worked as a waitress for ten years and never worked with a black waitress once!  They just weren't hired.
We have come a long ways but don't think we don't have a long ways to go when it comes to treating minorities as equals.  Blacks are using abortion in considerably higher numbers because opportunities for them are still less.
For this reason I think blacks should be more willing to recognize abortion as just one more way to eliminate their numbers in a society that still does not want to make room for them!
Christian religious principles that view abortion as wrong is the black person's best defense, as it is for white people, too, in resisting the temptation to use a violent solution for a hardship pregnancy.  

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