Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a day! It's 1 AM and I feel as though I can't stop working!

I just checked Facebook and one of my friends was up there working very hard posting about what is going on in congress now days, which caused my mind to start churning again even though I thought I had it on shut down for the night. I do not think I can go back to sleep without blogging. Somebody needs to keep track of congress and report to us, and Sheria is a blogger who has taken on that job. I tried to read everything she wrote, so I could be more informed than I am just reading the newspaper and the Internet.
It's hard to keep up with politics now days and get enough reading on the subject done. I went down and did my karaoke run with Doc this morning which I had been putting off for days. This morning unfortunately Doc had been up drinking since 3 or 4 AM and was not at his best. In fact he was downright drunk. He kept falling off the camera and resisting all my efforts to keep him in sight. He refused to sing most of the songs until they were almost over. And insulted the singers and the song writers, but that is what you get with Doc when he is real drunk. A long time ago I realized that trying to rehearse or do videos over was not going to work with him. It either had to be a first take or nothing, but he is funny enough that I settled for that. He is satisfied if the end result is fairly funny and I feel as though I have kept him alive for a little more time on this earth. I read the morning Arizona Republic and scanned the Internet for him. He announced he was going to bed after I left and I have not seen or heard from him the rest of the day.
So as usual I have been left to my own devices to get a great deal done that a blogger who writes about politics and national issues needs to do in my opinion to have any credibility. I only did some light reading today on an old thriller called The Navigator by Clive Cussler. I find it to be of interest because there is a lot in it about how icebergs are diverted when they began to float mostly from Greenland in the paths of ships and also head toward oil rigs and would raise havoc if ships did not keep track of them and actually tow the big ones so they will not crash into any big ship ala the Titanic. Pirating is also involved on a big freight liner where a very valuable old statue called The Navigator is being shipped which was stolen from an Iraq Museum during the war. You remember when so many national treasures got ripped off during the invasion? All of this interesting subject matter is enough to keep me plowing through it. I am about half way done now.
I did do a lot of writing formulating my thinking which I usually do before I ever blog about something. In fact, I will sometimes stop and come directly to my blog feeling inspired enough to post something. I also visited quite a few blogs and wrote some comments on them. I checked the family site several times. My nurse sister Margie finally posted about how her husband is doing in a rehab center. He is slowly developing congestive heart failure at 90 but will probably live quite a while yet.
It was the first of the month and I had nothing for lunch so went downtown so I could walk at the same time. Later on when the Farmer's Market opened on Wednesday I went over and did some grocery shopping, stocking up on milk and eggs (organic) trail mix, salsa, cheese, a small package of tortillas as I did not like the bread, some fruit and came home. One elevator was down so we all squeezed into the other one for the several trips I made which is always interesting.
The Buzz came out published by the Office and I read where the people who have been tapping the coordinators' pantries every month are going to be cut off. The Buzz said these pantries are for once in a while emergencies and new residents who have no money for food. They are not to be used every month as some people are doing. It is quite disheartening to see so many residents abusing substances to the point (alcohol, drugs and tobacco) they run out of money and go down every month to beg for food to eat. So much for the idea that if people are provided with a roof over their head in HUD housing for little more than a fourth of their income (including utilities) they will be so grateful they will turn their lives around. In the first place once on disability most will try very hard never to work again. They will not even take a part time job for fear it will mess up their disability. If they aren't already so disabled they can't work, they will soon be so dumbed down from lack of effort, they will be the most handicapped people on earth. I would hate to hire some of them to put in a good day's work.
There is a guy on my floor I knew back 30 years ago when I was living in one of my sister's apt. rentals. He was a young druggie and sponged off his aging mother and would not work. Now he is an old druggie who has probably not worked but very little in 30 years, and all he does is drugs drugs drugs. Since he has learned not to cause disturbances so as to be evicted, he will probably be left alone to grow old and die here smoking joints and getting high continuously. And being a drug dealer of sorts.
I don't know what to say about these things. I try to give back for the benefits I receive. I now get my ex-husbands spouse SS allowance, smaller than his but more generous than my disability was. I was taught the world does not owe me a living, in fact my family was upset when I went on welfare as nobody had ever applied for welfare in my family. I was also thought to be faking 'chronic fatigue' which most of them never heard of and was told I just did not want to work and was nothing but a hypochondriac by quite a few relatives. Maybe more people like my relatives should be put in charge of HUD housing and the welfare office.
Doc admitted the other day he was a lazy whelp and never liked to work any more than he had to. I said that is how you became an alcoholic, because in your idle times you drank more. I said with your brain, you could really have been something. Now after years of boozing he of course feels he can't do anything, so just as well not try. Brain cells are dying. Etc. And he is on Social Security not disability. He actually went on the street but worked a little. He never did try for mental illness to get an income before he was old enough for SS. So he is admirable that way. At least there was a limit to his scamming.
A mental illness diagnosis has become the biggest scam there is to get disability as most druggies and alcoholics can work up some frightening mentally ill symptoms that can get them on medication and qualify them for disability. I don't know what to say about that, but just shows that if there is a way there is a will. The government and therefore the tax payers get scammed because it is so easy for alcoholics and druggies to develop mentally ill symptoms. In fact, that is very often the result of too many highly addictive substances in the body.
I get so mad because lazy residents mess up the hallways and expect the hard working maids to clean up after them. On my floor a guy spills garbage all over the floor every time he puts it in the garbage chute. I think it is an alcoholic whose wife is such a bad alcoholic she will not do anything. He is in a wheel chair so he can't open the chute and that is why he spills it, but of course he never cleans it up and she won't. Another resident has spilled food all the way to her door and peed all the way there, too. I saw her pee in the elevator once, a lot, and I rushed down and got maintenance to clean it up. I don't know what her problem is but dare say nothing. Or I would get told off something terrible.
We live like millionaires in here. Everything provided for us and don't even have to pick up after ourselves. Oh yes, that sloppy alcoholic lets his dog pee down my hallway not his own, which leaves a big stain. Four very hard working migrant worker maids who do not speak English have to take care of all these spills plus clean all the floors in the lobbies, etc., mopping all day long. I am sure they have green cards or our manager would not hire them. She speaks Spanish and is always up to snuff on rules and regulations. I am sure they have nothing good to say in Spanish about these lazy Americans as they clean up all the spills.
The poor manager has put up signs to wrap in plastic what you put down the chute. Some would just go take their garbage in there and throw it loose into a trash can there for stuff too large to go down the chute, so in desperation the manager took away the trash cans. Worse, some who must have been raised in a barn would just throw a whole bunch of garbage on the floor, egg shells, left over food, with roaches crawling in and out.
I hate to disillusion you about how your tax dollars may be working for you, but it is my job. I am always trying to figure out what could be done instead with those who abuse addictive substances particularly.
Hmm, it is now 2:30 AM. I really need to get some more sleep before rising to greet the day. Coffee at Doc's. Reading the newspaper....

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