Monday, April 20, 2009

21 polo horses owned by a Venzuela Polo Team died upon arrival

I posted the above photo because of the magnitude of these deaths of beautiful highly trained horses of unknown causes at the moment, although the reasons will soon be known to the mourners of great horses dying everywhere. I have never heard of that many horses suddenly dying. When I think of how my dad would have reacted to just one death of one of his trained cow horses, I can just imagine how this hit the players and trainers alike. In polo as in cowboying, the horse and rider become one. It is so magnificent to watch. I will update you when the reasons for these deaths have been tracked down.
One story on the Internet is that they think the deaths were caused by each horse getting a shot of a steroid to enhance performance which had somehow been mixed with cleaning solution! No followup is available, so it still might take a while to confirm the reasons for the deaths.

Connie sent me the beautiful touching graphic of the horse and girl overhead which I thought showed the deep love of horses some humans develop. Connie says that she is not going to post anymore in her blog Windswept Whispers, but I am unable to get to her other blogs as Blogspot has put a warning on them as having material in them they might not approve of. I never could get a blog to appear, so Connie will have to track the reason down. Another blogger from AOL had to get that lifted off her blog after she migrated. I put a message on Windswept Whispers, but Connie might not read that for some time, so I will also put one here and then if I still can't get to it, I will send her an e-mail.


Sugar said...

yes, saw this on aol's opening page today.
very sad.

Ann said...

This one hit me too. 21 horses.
Can you imagine?

Amrita said...

That is awful, such a tragedy.Poor horses.


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