Saturday, April 4, 2009

ET Blue asks ailing sister Colfrey to have his child (scene 2c)

Blue, the alien, proposes to Colfrey that she have his child. She points to the hole in her abdomen where the chemo is zapped to fight the cancer, but Blue does not seem to think that will be any problem. She also says she is too old for him but he says he is a billion years old in our time. Colfrey is raised from her gloom finding out about extra terrestrials. She is so tired of thinking about cancer that she welcomes this new 'Blue' diversion. She seems to opt for the old fashioned way of dying and being greeted by relatives who have passed on rather than leaving with an alien stranger in his space ship. Her dad will come to get her on a horse. An angel choir will no doubt be singing!


Connie said...

I hope a playwright or book editor discovers you....

Ann said...

Well, the play is going swimmingly. Quite the cast of Characters in this most unusual event. The age problem was cleared right up! Funny. I guess I'll have to wait for more tomorrow!


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