Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Royce and Thor insist on a ride in the space ship (Scene 3b of Blue)

I don't know why Doc is able to play drunks so well, or why I was surrounded 22 years ago by drunks, too. I called them my patients I was trying to save. They came for miles for my therapy. They traveled in the spirit when they were too imprisoned and addicted to come in the flesh. I calculate I kept quite a few of them alive a few years longer. Oddly some of the most creative and funniest men I ever met were the worst off. You would think the world would love a wit but that is not so. Or else their creativity causes them to be too sensitive and therefore too prone to medicating themselves from pain. So I tried to enjoy the laughs they provided even though they were so hard to cure.


sober white women said...

Gerry you should go to my face book page and see what Amber wrote and the video that she posted!

Malagutigrrl said...

Great art comes from great pain. I think you find self destructive skeletons in every great artists closet. I wonder, when I watch Doc work, "What is his pain?"

Am enjoying this story very much. Even though things have been so crazy that I've been finding it hard to find time to walk down Blog Street at all, I've managed to keep up (although a bit behind YOU, I'm caught up with myself;)).


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