Friday, April 10, 2009

free spirit

you are free to create

the life you want

and I will listen

to what you say

as long as you

dont curb my freedom

to be what I want to be

if thats all right with you

then we can continue to get along

resuming where we left off

before you became angry

over what someone else did

how they acted

that is not me

I can only control myself

I cant control anyone else

they dont speak for me

I dont speak for them

we dont walk through this world alone

you dont

I dont

but I am not in chains

I can do what I want to do

all you have to do is ask politely

I dont get angry at you

I dont tell you what you should

or should not do

if I like what you say

I will respond

that is what I call

being a free spirit

I love who I want to love

because I like what they say

they are nice

I always withhold my love

from those who try to use force

I give my love in freedom

I accept your apology

for getting angry

we all get angry

but nothing good can happen

when people are too angry

thats all I am trying to say



Ann said...

I love your poem 'free spirit'. It's all we can ask for yourselves and others.

Missie said...

Great poem. Have a nice Easter weekend.

Amrita said...

Live and let live!


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