Monday, April 27, 2009

In my new spring outfit, as dangerous as I am probably going to get

I got on the elevator this morning in this outfit and a man got on and stared at me. I told him it was my new spring outfit and he said he liked it. Doc was pleasantly startled when I got to his apartment and agreed to take this photo. I first posted it on the family site urging all the other ladies to have photos taken of them in their new spring outfits.
It is my theory that a new outfit is good for whatever ails us. I contemplated how men get some bad idea fixed in their heads and it cannot be dispelled. I remembered that my ex took a long walk into the desert three years ago in as spectacular disappearance as we had had in Utah for some time. I don't know what women can do when men begin to act out their dark and dangerous fantasies but go to the thrift store and buy new outfits. Which is surely a good deal less upsetting, reassuring the world that all is well.
My friend sent me a letter that President Obama sent blessing the national scrabble tournament. She is an enthusiastic player, and I know she plays scrabble when she is down in the dumps. I thoroughly approve. I would play scrabble, too, if I had the time, but Doc is like a big kid who might get in serious trouble with his fantasy life if I did not keep him occupied. We are working on another play reading where he gets to play a 22 year old schizophrenic retarded man and a 14 year old smart eleck 'basset playing' son and a high school Jock. This is going to stretch his imagination in healthy ways I am hoping.

My friend likes to shop for new outfits, too. I thoroughly approve of this one.
I haven't had time to work on the play I am going to send Raymond he says he will do a year from now. He is plannng two more play dates in Utah soon of his one man show, so he is getting ready for those. He has to build a mobile set which he tells us in his last post in Cowboys and Bohemians, "Finally in Boulder." If you want to read what he is doing check out my blog list.
I am preparing for my trip to Boulder in a year by resurrecting an old friendship with a woman up there. She is retired now from the profession of hair dresser so has more time for friendship now. I had trouble last time I went up there with an old girlfriend who had gotten mad at me years ago. She practically ruined my trip. So I decided I needed an ally who would help prevent this from happening when I go to see my play.

I took this photo of her when I was to the Boulder festival last time. Her hair is always lovely. She was always fun to stop and have coffee with, she is such a good hostess.
My sister Linda still has her numb hands if you can believe that which causes her difficulty in typing. But she finally went to urgent care this past week in San Francisco and they agreed to schedule her for an MRI. I was so relieved that they thought they needed to check out the cause more thoroughly. She is now waiting for that appointment, long over due, but she just had so much trouble getting into the system in both states after she could no longer work and ran out of money for co-payments. She had to get on medi-Cal in California or medicaid here and that takes time, especially now days when many have lost their jobs, health insurance and ability to pay.
I will be gone tomorrow out to my daughter's looking after my grandson, Ethan, so I will not be posting. I hope to be able to take in my older grandson Jamal's tennis tournament at his high school. His Uncle Dan will have to come and take us there. I hope I will be able to bypass the swine flu. We will surely be getting it here as people travel back and forth to Mexico constantly. Jamal got strep throat twice this winter, so I am hoping he can make it until school is out without another health risk, as this swine flu is pretty bad. Wish him luck with his tennis!


madcobug said...

I think you look very pretty in your new spring outfit. Good luck to you grandson on his temnnis. Helen

Connies Photos said...


Paula said...

Think you already know how I admire that you wear a hat to match. I love hats and have several and hardly ever wear them. Much good luck to your grandson on his tennis and in not getting the swine flu.

Anonymous said...

I love that grin on your grandson. I love your attitude about new outfits. Running medical practices I noticed that many older patients would come in in the same 2 outfits over and over, or in outfits that always looked 35 years old. I am not speaking of patients too poor or too sick to do otherwise, just, I believe, people who got to letting their appearance go. I shopped for Dad each season, he didn't even like that sometimes. Called some of the things Teen Wear, but then loved them. ~Mary

Malagutigrrl said...

Good Luck, Jamal!!! Love, love, LOVE your new outfit!

Ann said...

Love your spring outfit. You have outdone everyone with your fabulous spring colors. I was looking for that picture of Mother in her gold pants to have you put on your web, but I can't find it.
Another day! I do love those colors.

Amrita said...

Your outfit is really good Gerry.

I have tagged you on my blog, have a look and play

sober white women said...

I love your outfit! I also got some new stuff. The next time I wear it I will have to have someone take a picture of me.

Barb said...

Hi Gerry. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry I haven't returned the the visit on a more regular basis. I seem to blog inn fits and starts. Your new outfit is wonderful. Nothing like dressing for the season-bright and springy. I also listened to your latest reading. You & Doc such an entertaining job!! Hope you're enjoying the new season and doing well. Barb in damp, dreary Tx

LaRena said...

Thanks Gerry for the photo op. Like Max, I try not to have my picture taken at my age but my nieces just ignore me and snap away. Max was such a beauty it probably bothers her more to look older than it does the rest of us. I have been thinking "shop for some new summer clothes." But haven't got to it yet. You look very Spring like in your new lovely colors and it will be cool for summer.Our whole end of town is lush with Palo Verde trees blooming. Also Oleanders and Bougainvillea. It is a pleasure to drive around and admire the city this time of year. I'll bet you will find Ronda's area breath taking also. Good luck to Jamal. He is such a handsome boy.

DB said...

Yes, Gerry, I like your new Spring outfit. I have learned that for women shopping is the next best thing to, or perhaps even better than, going to the shrink.

I knew a man who claimed he had no sinister side, and yet he was acting it out clearly, in expensive suits and a fancy car, as he carefully and surgically stole other people's work.



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