Monday, April 13, 2009

I dreamed I was dancing with the stars and--

I suddenly realized that the temperature in the room was too high, so I stopped dancing and told them I had to have the temperature at exactly 78 degrees or I would get overheated, so they turned it down and we were waiting for the room to get to the right temperature so I could dance when I woke up.
I then realized that this was also probably a dream about my daughter who belongs to a west coast swing dance club. (the trophies in the photo are hers) I usually talk to her on the phone every Sunday night when she is on her way to dance, but since she started her nursing job which is in 12 hour shifts she says she can't always go because she is too tired. I have been concerned about her feeling too much stress in her job on a unit that is not ICU but the next one to it. She says it was very stressful at first, but she is getting used to it.
She was also perturbed this last Sunday night about some bad feelings the residing board of officers have caused among members. She was going to another dance place further away this Sunday night where upset members were meeting, but she said she did not want to stop going to her club altogether so she was going to go back. The board had kicked out some of the members. It is not as if there is a bunch of west coast swing dancers waiting in the wings to take their place. Many of the members did not think the board should be kicking people out of the club for just any infraction. I agreed that if members did not agree with the reasons, it did not seem logical for the board to proceed. She said there had never been such a problem with a board's actions before, but this one seemed to be taking their authority too seriously.
I am always concerned that Ronda will get too stressed out with all she takes on. She adores her dance club and has made a lot of friends among the members. It is her favorite way of kicking back and enjoying some wonderful exercise.
I love to see her dance. She is very graceful like her father who impressed me the first time I ever saw him roller skating. He was doing these dance moves around the floor and he was the most graceful skater there. He was whirling and doing splits. I was quite shocked. He looked almost professional compared to the rest of us, and he said that he had an older half sister he did not know too well who was a professional skater. His own father loved to dance and never missed a week going dancing until he was up in his 80's. This was a daughter he had before marrying his second wife and having Ron.
Ronda was dancing in her cradle to any music she heard. Her favorite thing to do at 5 years old was to go anywhere there was a live band and dance. Men would ask her to dance just like she was grown up which made her father so nervous that he once threatened to beat up on one persistent dancer. I remember her going to a dance up in Utah when she was just five in a long red dress she had worn to her brother's wedding. She was surely the belle of the ball that night, so I was not really surprised when she developed her passion for west coast swing dancing. In fact Lacey Schwimmer is a west coast swing dancer she knows along with her brother Benjy who won So You Think You Can Dance one years. Lacey is now one of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars who teaches the stars. She had her work cut out for her tonight with the guy from Jackass, but I think she is making a dancer out of him in spite of himself.
My sisters and I all loved to dance, and our favorite thing to do was to find a dance somewhere even if we had to travel miles to get to it. I could dance well with some people but started having a stamina problem, so could not dance fast very long. My sister Linda on the other hand could dance fast for hours. She never tired. She loved dancing all her life
But now poor thing, she has fallen down hard again. I just pray it did not do any serious damage, but she did hurt her arm. She is not as agile as she was now that she is struggling with numb hands and a back problem. A very good chiropracter is helping her though. So that is my story of Dancing with the Stars. I am going back to bed and maybe I will dream how I wowed them with my dance once I got the room to the right temperature which is exactly what I keep it at night. Otherwise I throw off the quilts and get sore legs from the cold. But there is probably a good reason why I woke up before I could do that strenuous dance number in my sleep!


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Oh how I loved roller skating.Man brings back mer-ries,LOl..met my hubby at a roller rink dance...been married 42 wonderful years .....

Connies Photos said...

brings back mem-ries I meant to type,LOL

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Very nice photos


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