Thursday, April 9, 2009

Colfrey takes off wig baring her bald alien head (Blue play reading Scene 3c)

I must explain that Blue, the alien, is the sober man in our society who is able to communicate telepathically, fly to the stars, triumph over aging and death, and all sorts of wonderful things, and he is helping the dying sister to find the life in her death.
The drunks represent the addicted members of our society who have lost their vision of what they can be in substance abuse. They cannot get off the ground. They cannot keep up with Blue. Of course these superior beings in our society have to practically remain invisible, their powers unleashed, because ordinary mortals are too jealous to stand them. Thus we see the lure of substance abuse in order to be accepted. The woman playwright is a threat also, as she is too all seeing to be loved. The more insight she develops the less apt she is to get a 'showing' on earth. People will not 'see' her just as they don't see the alien. She will find herself growing more and more invisible while still alive.
This is the way people have always greeted writers. They are suspicious and distrusting of them, so they try to get control of them by rewarding them with riches and fame if they will just stop laying quite so much truth on the protesting public. A good woman writer will very likely not be recognized in her time. And will generally be regarded as a failure if considered at all.
Lesser writers on the other hand will have no trouble finding fame and fortune. It will be a snap.
The alcoholic has tried to sabotage this play, but he has not altogether succeeded. The writer's stamp on it remains despite everything he can do to claim the credit for himself. Women playwrights must make do with addicted actors who are better than no actors at all. They do not fear them. They know the public will eventually get the play sorted out, and will recognize the power of sober Blue who looks with shrewd insight on the antics of the drunks. The drunk is the freak, not the extra terrestrial.

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