Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A cheerer upper from the thrift store

Above is one of the spring blouses I bought to the thrift store. I took a photo of it to cheer you up, too. it was senior citizen day.
It was sad to think of Bob's parents coming to take the last vestiges of his presence away from the Westward Ho. He had died. And this will be among the last of their many trips here over the years coming to support Bob. They used to attend all the parties until they got ailments that kept them from driving, and they were also tending their 2 little great grandchildren while their granddaughter worked, for free of course. I know a lot of grandmothers who step in to volunteer their baby sitting services and there are probably going to be more. Greater love hath no grandmother. I know my own sister has tended four of hers regularly and always goes to visit the other ones. My sister Linda is now busy in San Francisco tending her two grandchildren before and after school. She hopes to get into see a specialist this week some time as she is still having alot of problems with her numb hands, which she now thinks is connected to her upper back.
I was reading where Obama was addressing other countries saying that they could not keep looking to the US to consume all their products, that we had gone overboard with our consuming habit as urged on by our presidents and so on, and an adjustment was going to have to be made to turn us back into savers. For spending has brought us to a sad end, and all the businesses that opened on the strength of our consumer habits will drag along or go bankrupt. That's a whole lot of adjustment there.


Laura said...

Lovely spring shirt, Gerry. I just went thrifting with a friend last week and we found these great art deco chairs. We have some fun places to thrift shop in SF and sometimes you find great antiques, collectibles, or beautiful handmade lace tablecloths.

We are seeing businesses get hit already. I have noticed so many more sales as well as stores going out of business...both large and small stores. I think we have more in store, sadly.

Missie said...

Love the shirt. I love sunflowers.

I don't listen to Obama. To be honest, yes, our country is having some economic problems right now but so is every other country in the world. I also think the media is making more of the economic problems then they really are. I think Obabma and the media are just trying to scare us into Socialism.

madcobug said...

Your new shirt looks very pretty on you. Great picture. Helen

Sugar said...

i like that shirt!
saying a prayer for linda, hope all goes well.

Paula said...

Wow that is a pretty one. We went to ours today and I was mixed up. It wasn't senior citizen day but I bought a blouse and a purse anyway since we drove that far.

Nelishia said...

You look very cute in your spring shirt. Grandmother's are many times unsung hero's but most of us like it that way.
It's sad about Bob passing away. That's a big change. You and I both dearly love thrift stores. Boy, if we went together wouldn't we have a time?!
I just made a new entry.

LaRena said...

Guess were all into our love of sunflowers at this time. I did an enlargement of the sunflowers and Sugar Loaf picture and plan to frame it for my living room where I have a yellow wall,(complements of Robert.) Also yellow pillows. The picture turned out lovely.

The angle of your hat surely gives you a jaunting good springtime look to go with your shirt. Pretty darn cute. Who would ever guess your age?


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