Monday, April 6, 2009

Going to tackle addiction harder

I have no choice. Either that or be overwhelmed! I listened to three hours of great country music last night on the CMA awards, and you don't get that good without a lot of hard work. Alchoholism and drug addiction used to be tolerated more it seems back in the 'old' days, but now you would soon 'fall off the charts' if you indulged yourself very much in that malarkey. I thoroughly enjoyed this show which was so well done. I thought the tribute to the soldiers was so touching by Trace Adkins. His tall dramatic figure and the choir singing behind him just knocked me out, especially when they were singing we won't come home. I thought it was great that they thought to give Lee Ann Rimes a humanitarian award for her work with the children of soldiers gone to war.
However, how does this all translate to the common people? I won't stop talking to alcoholics or trying to work with them as much as I can, as long as I think it is productive. Some alcoholics knew more about a good work ethic than some sober people do ONCE. That is the point. They have given up and fallen into some down thinking that is for sure, and this is where I want to stop short before they suck me into depression. I could not help but be depressed all this week with some huge meltdowns around here, topped off by another death that was clearly caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco use.
So off I go this morning to the grocery store and I will stop by for moment of cheer at the thrift store across the street. Haven't been there since I got the flu.
I got an e-mail from Krissy whose blog Sometimes I Think is now listed on my blog list. She reported on the last few months when John suffered from both viral and fungal pneumonia as a result of the weakness in his immune system after his marrow transplant. He first got shingles and chickenpox at the same time, and experienced maximum pain, but I can't believe how those two cooperate and fight for life. Krissy says she is back to blogging again after some harrowing months. There is a lot of courage demonstrated in her blog, so check it out. It will renew your faith in the determination of some people to find life precious enough to fight for it.
Dont you love the joy in Connies Creations three kids and horse? Try Windswept Whispers on my blog list if you want to snag something.


Missie said...

Enjoy your week!

Pamela said...

Your best friend is an alcoholic. I doubt you'd stop talking to him, as long as he isn't violent. If that happens, then all bets are off.
Hope you have a good week.

Paula said...

Awww such a cute header and graphic.

Amrita said...

It s hard having an alchoholic around you. I sympathize with you Gerry.

What are you gonna do?

Connie is great. She made nice cards for me which I losted on my blog together with my first video.You are the inspiration for the video really.


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