Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farmers Market and more healthful outings

I decided that I needed to counteract the effect of many deaths in two weeks time by getting out into the world more. (Another woman died who had shared her story with me this year of going downhill after hip replacement surgery) Also the man we all have been worrying about who seems to be suffering a major meltdown is still very troubled and unable to get back control.
The Farmers Market which features flowers for sale like the one above is a great place to go. I get the best tomatoes there I have found anywhere in Arizona, vine ripened, also wonderful tasting onions. Yesterday I got tabouli salad which is so green I feel like a cow eating it which takes me back to good country eatin'. Tabouli salad and sliced tomatoes, a divine supper. I added some vegetarian tamales made with spinach.
Tomorrow I plan a walk over to the Arizona Center to check out summer skirts. If I find one I like I intend to buy one brand new. I rarely buy new clothes, but colorful skirts are such a big part of dressing for the heat, I would like to get just one I did not buy in the thrift store. That usually satisfies me, but I did not buy myself anything for Xmas even though I was given money specifically to do so. I was saving for my trip to California which did not end up costing a whole lot so I feel that I can afford to buy one now.
The next day I am having my grandson Ethan over for a little while and then we will go to lunch with his mother and Uncle Dan. It is always fun to see my grandchildren. They make me feel good with their youthful exuberance. Ethan is my youngest one. I am looking forward to catching up on what has been happening with my daughter with her new nursing job. She has to go to the hospital for something, but won't be working which is why we have time to go to lunch. She works 12 hour shifts so all she can think of is getting home otherwise.
So already I am startng to feel better as I shake off the effects of so many deaths in such a short time. You might say it has been a hard winter here. If any ailing people got the kind of flu I did, that would be enough to cause a hazard right there. I am still recovering from that.
Anyway these plans should keep me on the up and up. Plus I will keep posting videos of my play reading, just because they are funny and make me laugh. Doc has a great sense of humor which is one reason he is valuable to me, but I have been avoiding him more when his drinking depresses me. Can't help it. Got to cheer myself up!
A dream caused me to wake up and go to my computer, a warning dream, so I must write to my sister to tell her about it. Maybe she can use it to head off some trouble that might rise up in her life. Takes a lot of alertness to stay alive. Can't get too down, that is for sure. So I am working on that up feeling!


madcobug said...

I hope you find the skirt that you want. Have fun with your Grandson and at the family luncheon. Helen

Ann said...

The surge of life and young people around you can only be a good sign. It must be Spring Break to have lunch in the middle of the day. Do have a good time and wear your skirt! Good cheer brings a more positive force.

sober white women said...

Being up and moving is a good thing. Sometimes we just need to force ourselves to get out more.
I have also been looking for a new skirt but as yet I have not fopund one.

Laura said...

I am so sorry about recent the losses in your life. It is very sad. I am glad that you are going out and finding things to cheer yourself up.



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