Thursday, April 16, 2009

Son Gary meets me at the Civic Place Park for lighting of the sculpture

We met around 7:30 at the park where quite a lot of people had gathered to hear the artist Janet Aukerman from Boston talk about her work. She suggested we think of it as kind of a blossom, and it does look like one when lighted. Colored lights on poles reflect into the lighting of the netting and make it look as though it is glowing from within. He said that every night different lights will go on that will make subtle changes in the colors of the 'blossom.' One story they told was how a swarm of bees flew up into the center of it, so they thought it looked like a blossom, too. That got a laugh from the crowd, as we have been plagued with swarming bees here who have taken up residence in vacant houses in foreclosure.
I took my camera but it is too primitive to take good night pictures. I was glad others were there with more expensive cameras to show those who didn't see it lit what they were missing. Engineers and lighting experts talked. They said they wanted a sculpture piece that was up in the air since this is a small park and they needed all the space for people to mix and mingle, and boy, were we looking up, most of the day. They also featured a fountain of many colors, too, under the sculpture in the air. I went over there three different times today to take in what was going on. I was happy to see my son Gary walk up this last visit. We listened to everybody talk about how they did it, and then he walked me home. I am glad I went!


Malagutigrrl said...

ooooooo I would love to see it lit up!

sober white women said...

That sounds so cool! if you find some night pictures or videp of it please let us know!

Amrita said...

Very interesting object. You took nice pictures.

Ann said...

There is a hint of color there. I would like to see it lit too. Having different colors is an interesting idea. This is definitely a modern sculpture! I like it.

Missie said...

Have a good weekend.


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