Thursday, April 2, 2009

Luis the Mexican explains Jessie the playwright to Blue the extraterrestrial (scene 2b)

Luis, who was drawn from life from a man I hung out with for about seven years, was one of the most remarkable intelligences I met on the west side. He intuitively understood people like no other. He had a rare sense of humor. He could keep a crowd of his followers laughing with his boldness and impertinence. He did not bother to tell lies about his most shocking traits. The only people he spared the truth were his children who were not ready for it.
He was a born spirit walker, but there was tragedy in his past that kept him a prisoner in that bar and his alcoholism. Pretty soon, no matter how gifted, he could only shuffle along as a prisoner does, bound by his chains, but he recognized that I had become an alien in my own country as he would always be. I was not accepted. I pushed people too far, said too much, spoke about the unspeakable, and the powerful had marked me as a non entity, 'crazy' therefore an untouchable, a woman who did not know her place.


Anonymous said...

He did not bother to tell lies about his most shocking traits.

I like that in a person, and I bet I would have found him very interesting to know and would have loved to listen to his stories.

This resonates with me; I don't really know my place yet at 43, though I do see the different places people would prefer I shelve myself. No thanks. ~Mary

Ann said...

Well Luis has entered. He's a character! Blue seems to gather them all in. Old Dad is much the same. I am enjoying all this mix of characters.

Amrita said...

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Amrita said...

Hi Gerry, Good news. I went to the camera shop and got instruction about how to record videos with my camera. Its pretty easy.

Now I can do it too. Thanks for being my inspiration.


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