Saturday, April 11, 2009

Visiting Ronda and Ethan and Dan

I surely enjoyed visiting with Ethan a couple of hours while Ronda, my daughter, was taking care of business at the hospital where she works, which is not far from the Westward Ho. Ethan surprised me by asking questions and wanting stories about my past, growing up in cattle country. I had plenty of hair raising tales to tell him. He is the first grand child I have had who has taken such an interest in the past. Ethan says he likes history and social studies is his favorite class. I believe it after he asked question after question.
His mom picked us for lunch at the Thai Hut where my youngest son, Dan, joined us. Dan works to the new Sheraton Hotel in downtown Phoenix which has cut his hours due to slow business, as you might imagine. He has not yet been laid off, but is working on other options for work while he has time to write screen plays and create web sites, etc. I used to love having my hours cut so I could write, as it is hard to get the energy and time to do much while working a full shift. I always tell anyone trying to be an artist, buy time if you can, because you have to practice in order to get good at art. Dan said he is doing research on the drug cartels which are getting alot of publicity in Phoenix right now.

Ronda said she is working very hard on her job in nursing which is in the wards where people go out of ICU. She says there is plenty to do that must be done right for the safety and recovery of the patient, but once she got used to her responsibilties she is finding it easier to do.
Altogether it was a very enjoyable get together. And lifted my spirits considerably.


Malagutigrrl said...

sounds like a fabulous day with the family. Happy Easter, Gerry!

Amrita said...

Nice to read about your visit.


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