Saturday, April 25, 2009

Talking to the afflicted

It is time for everyone to make sure they talk to this man because he is sorely afflicted. I will be surprised if he lives out the month. He looks ten years older than he did 6 weeks ago, and when I talked to him yesterday he told me he had a long razor slash down his arm where he got into a fight with a homeless guy over to Circle K. He said the manager had told him she was drawing up eviction papers because he was drinking out in front of the building, ignoring the rules. I would not lend him money or go to the store to get beer for him. He said he almost got run over by the fast transit, but after borrowing money from someone he set off for the store, barely able to stay on his feet. He could not find his ATM card even thugh he still has money in the bank, and that could take some process for him to be able to access his account any other way.
For five years people were used to seeing him as he appears in the above photo, immaculate. In control.
I reminded him that a coma helped him to quit drinking last time, so was that what he was waiting for. He then disclosed that he had only slept a couple of hours a night all the time he was sober. I said you are sleeping now? He said yes, right through. High price to pay for a good night's sleep, but I saw him many times yawning and saying he had not slept. So I believe him. I have read several times that some alcoholics find it extremely difficult to sleep a long time after, when they sober up.
I only said positive things to him as I figure he is getting scolded enough. He talked vaguely about going to Lark, and I said, "But you come back home as soon as you get there." He admitted that was so, so did not know how he was going to get to sobriety, the possibility of which seemed to be receding more each day. We will continue to stand watch.


Amrita said...

Very sad to read this. Heis killing himself. Does he know wherer he is going to spend eternity.

I pray the lord may send someone to him who can pray with him.

Malagutigrrl said...

He looks soo good in this pic. It's hard to believe that he fallen into such disrepair. I hope you are wrong about his prognosis... and of course will be on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what happens.

Pamela said...

He looks good. What a shame.

Connies Photos said...

What a handsome man.He must be at the point in his life that theres nothing left to live for.Such a shame that we get to that point in life and ponder what was it all for to end up poorly.I feel for him and pray for him.On this trail of life we have many roads and choices to make.Sometimes circumstances predict our way,sometimes we choose..but all we can really hope for is we did at least most of it the way we wanted..and enjoyed the trip.


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