Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit to new Civic Park Plaza and winning art object!

That's it, the winner, that round circle up in the sky with some kind of netting hanging from it, and tonight it is going to be lit, but I can't guarantee my camera will take a good photo of that. I am going back tonight, so if I get a good picture I will post it.
Otherwise it is just your ordinary little park which they feel will enhance the center of the city. I agree. I like it! I think it is a big improvement on the last one which nobody liked so they tore it down. This one is only a hop and skip and jump from where I live. Aren't I lucky?

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Connies Photos said...

Looks like the fish net caught a fish net,LOL..
Wow Gerry you look sexy thang...
Luv ya bunches


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