Sunday, April 12, 2009

Royce explains why he cannot leave his wife (Blue reading scene 4a)

Twenty two years ago I was interacting with men who were gay but married, studying them, and also because they were often very brilliant, talented, and attractive. If they turned outlaw they had the capacity to do considerable damage to their society, to their wives, kids, whoever might be affected by their deceptions. The man on whom the character Royce was based is one of the most brilliant and charming men I ever met, but with definite criminal tendencies. I was surprised to find him as personable as he was. My own father was considered one of the smartest men in the country. Well, it is very painful when for whatever reasons, this person begins to become very troubled because of all the conflicting feelings they and society have about their gay activities.
Which leads me to believe that a good many of these activities are initiated with the young and underaged who are vulnerable, boys who take high risks, drink, or who have already been victimized as innocent children.
We like to think that this happens through natural inclination, and in some cases it seems to, but I think that at the present we have not observed what happens to these troubled men from childhood on. I made it my business to study them over several generations, starting with my grandfather. I saw so much unhappiness among these men that I could not help but try to study them more to see what could be done to change things. The women married to them are quite as unhappy as they are, for how can a woman be happy with a man who is not. If she is not being treated well? The reasons for studying these troubled people are endless.


Ann said...

One never knows what will happen next with this mix of characters.
Colfrey saying she needed to go lie down "right now" was a funny end to that scene. She'd had enough! I could just imagine Royce nearly being sent to the mad house over his contact with Blue..
quite the scene. You are both reading well.

Amrita said...

Hi Gerry,

Thank you so much. I got the books you sent me today safe and sound. I love them.

I was feeling down with my Mom not feeling well and your gift came just in time to cheer me up. Thanks again.


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