Friday, April 3, 2009

Walking on a spring morning...

I mailed some books this morning and took a walk around the block on a nice spring morning. I took my camera to photograph the new civic park next to the post office but the fence was too thck, so I will have to wait until it is gone. I paid a call to Circle K for some juice, etc, and when I came in the door why was I not surprised to see the invididual we have all been worrying about sitting there, still quite drunk. It looks like he has sprung out of Lark as fast as he went in, so I sat down to talk to him a little bit since he was a little less drunk than in past days. He then told me that he had a large round spot on his hip that had caused all the trouble in the first place by stinging and burning non stop. After 7 sleepless nights he started to drink. (some days ago) He said after all this drinking, it still stings and hurts. He said that he has been in 3 hospitals trying to get a diagnosis and treatment. Now they think it was brought in from abroad and is something they don't recognize, so he was waiting for a taxi to go have a culture of it taken, so someone else can try to tell what it is and how it must be treated! This is the first I have heard of this trouble. Sometimes there are simple physical causes to the beginning of a spiral downward you donot expect. I wished him luck.
Since I did not get any photos and the gorgous palo verde is just starting to blossom I decided to post the photo above of a tree my sister Ann sent me from Utah. I call that some flowering tree.
I talked to Raymond twice in Utah and he sprung this news on me. He wants to do my play, "Happy Hello, Sad Goodbye," in Boulder, probably not this summer, but next summer when he hopes to have helped build out a theater there. This was the first full length production he did in a theater in Phoenix, produced by his friend Bryan John. That was a wonderful experience for me. Happy Hello was written in Boulder with a mountain setting. (You can see an improv version of it on my Youtube Channel gerryking40 Doc and I made)
So I found out I had a pretty clean recently revised vesion of it which I intend to send to him as soon as possible. Bryan John had a lot of fun helping build the set of this play, a mountain cabin surrounded by firs. He rented about 20 fir trees from a nursery. He also wrote and sang an original song for it. I wrote the play for my little sisters then, Ann, 16, and Linda, 14. I wrote the spirit aunt character for myself, and the drifter for Raymond's father. When the play was done in Phoenix, my daughter who was around 17, played the part of my sister Ann. The character playing the drifter, a friend of Bryan's, forgot his cue to come on stage, and left her ad libbing for she said so long she gave up the theater then and there!

I thought of the log cabin in the play as one my Grandfather King built in Kings Pasture on Boulder Mountain when he homesteaded it's 400 acres, but it fell down, so I am posting the other log cabin he built on his homestead in Salt Gulch, as painted by his daughter Neta.


Paula said...

Wow how exciting about your play Gerry.

Ann said...

I thought I left a comment earlier. It's not here, so I'll try again. The possiblity of doing Happy Hello in Boulder, to all new residents sounds interesting. Did you ever get it put on in Boulder? We learned it, but did we do it? I can remember doing Arsenic and Old Lace...and that woman one...what was the name? But did we get Happy Hello put on for people? Pole and Margie were the Laura Lynn, Dean...the visiter and us. I looked for my Salt Gulch Ranch picture with Linda to send you, but couldn't find it yet.
I hope Jack can sober up!

Gerry said...

No, we might have had a reading, but we moved before I could think of doing it. Aunt Santhea is all that got done of mine up there.

Pamela said...

How fun to have him doing your play! I bet you can't wait to see it!


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