Thursday, December 30, 2010

After the storm I am regrouping and wondering what to do next

I decided to replace that Revolutionary Poets Brigade header with a milder gentler one by Connie that will convey my love of books but will not disturb.  You can still see the cover in my review and can read my sister Linda's rather mild poem from the book called IN AWE OF THE OCEAN. I was certainly in awe of the ocean when Linda and I were visiting in San Francisco three years ago.  I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles  around 1958 and saw the ocean for the first time, we were so intimidated by it we found an apartment inland in Glendale which sounded more like Utah to us with that name and was over the hill from that disturbing big body of water that still reminded us of its presence with the scent of an ocean breeze coming in our windows every night.  When Dante was a baby I went to tend him when his parents had an apartment in Imperial Beach close enough to walk to the ocean.  Dan, his dad, had gone out to sea for 6 months.  I would wheel Dante in his stroller out to the pier and we would go to the end of it to watch the fishermen cast their  lines.  Then we would play in the sand.  Dante never wanted to come home.
Things were rather tense yesterday after my granddaughter who had been recovering from surgery tried to come down to north Phoenix from Flagstaff and hit the storm.  I am sure she had been planning this trip to see her sister for days, and since Flag is only 125 miles away thought the storm would be no problem.  It turned out she was caught on the highway for 6 hours and I am sure is worse for wear today looking for her inhaler. Flagstaff, it is reported, got two feet of snow!!
Phoenix does not get any snow so we worry about our relatives in Flagstaff.  If any snow falls in Arizona it is bound to fall in Flagstaff which is over 7,000 feet.  After Christmas Laura and my great grand babies, Wyatt and Kerynn, were steaming in the spa while it was trying to snow outside.  Travis, Kelly Anne's son, had come up from Cottonwood.  Travis and Dante have entered their dangerous teens!  Dante said somebody hacked into his account on FB and disappeared it, but Travis has been going strong, showing all kinds of great photos, snowmobiling in the snow, the new skateboard he bought with his Christmas money.  He took a photo of his beautiful mother, Kelly Anne.  He goes to school in Cottonwood where his dad lives who married a woman with six children!  Then they had one.  Travis is the oldest.   

Then last night my sister Ann's daughter Mala posted photos taken of my family and hers and my sister Margie's family in St. George.  She put them on Facebook and on the family site.  There were lots of photos that were just great, so that was next best thing to being there, looking at them.
This morning my sister Ann posted a beautiful photo of my niece Colette's 'Indian' Christmas tree, and she wrote about Colette's little new grandson who does not yet weigh 3 pounds struggling to grow and stay on the earth with his mother and dad and the rest of the family.  I think Ann said his name was Kylar  See  The photo alone is worth seeing.  Colette has decorated her tree with artifacts that she has collected, in memory and honor of her mother who died over 20 years ago, who also loved and collected Indian artifacts. 
So I had plenty to look at and see this morning.
My sister LaRae, the artist and collector

 This is such a neat photo of my sister LaRae, taken not long before she got cancer.  This was the artist her.  She always put herself together as an artist would. 

Plus have been checking back on my son Raymond's blog where he has been doing some brilliant writing from his perspective.  Everyone is busy at the moment, so few followers have had time to read the last two entries, but as writers, we must get used to quiet times when people just aren't reading our stuff.  We still need to write, so we do.  Writing animals have to write just like they have to breathe.

Doc just called me to bring my camera down along with my cage free eggs. (I will not eat his caged chicken eggs) (He just doesn't care).  I don't know what he wants to photograph. He says it is a surprise.  Maybe the second amaryllis has burst into glorious bloom.  He turned the coleus this morning which has beautiful deep purple leaves. He is the only person I know whose coleus plants don't die because his apt. gets no direct sunlight.

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LaRae might have collected a few items, but they are mostly Colette's collections on the tree.
She looks for Indian stuff everywhere. I loved the corn stalk angels. She usually has something new each year. Fun to see.

Cathy said...

Gerry you have the most fully lived LIFE I've ever known all these years lol. When do you sleep? I can't imagine you not knowing "what to do next" and in fact, run for President you can't do worse than what's ahead and most likely alot better.


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