Sunday, December 5, 2010

Extraordinary speech underlining the dangers of the greedy rich undermining the middle class: Senator claims we are already banana republic!

Speaking of capitalism vs socialism (concern for the plight of the poor), this senator gives powerful arguments for worry about where this country is headed when congress members want tax breaks for billionaires benefiting a tiny percent, while middle class incomes shrink to poverty level. I am listening, for sure. I have lived my adult years in abject poverty. Opportunity has dried up for writers from the lower class. Dreams of making it are mostly only fantasy. I know opportunity has shrunk for the many while the tiny percentage that make up the very rich class have only gotten richer. Some congress members want to do away with estate taxes which will cause a trillion dollars loss in tax income. Do these congress members really care about the lower class most claim to represent? The rich fund campaigns. So the elected figure they have to deliver the reward the wealthy want. Selling out! Who is going to convince the rich to share the wealth? Fight greed?
Check out what your congress members are doing. Are they working for you, the majority, or are they working for the tiny minority with all the money?


Cheryl said...

It is so tough to feel like our representatives are making wrong decisions so they will get reelected when we need them to be tough. I am willing to take the tax hike if it means we all do, especially the rich so we can not be so indebted to China. said...

What a great speech. I agree with every word. I think the rich should be taxed.


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